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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
thanks Marc - haven't tried the microwave yet, but will. The dessicators look like small moulded yellowish clay cylinders - they do not seem to change colour much when dry (be nice if they did). My collection of silica gel packs also have no colour indication, so am flying blind a bit - measuring weight seems to be the best way to check status.

the newer cameras with the external dessicator assembly are definitely an upgrade, but the older system can still be made to work with a little effort - price of early adoption of new technology
I do this in batch of 5s so I don't turn them into popcorn. 5s is enough to get the water out without damaging them. You can actually see them sweat it out.

For my QHY9 I have two dessicant plugs. My QHY8 is just an open box. I unscrew the nosepiece slightly to let the air out when I stick a hose from the hole on the side and purge it with Argon. I do this every time I image. Never had a dew issue since then. When done I always open the cameras then store them open in pelican cases with dessicant. If you stick to the routine it works. Argon is cheap and you don't use much.

You can get the beads from sachets in any shoe store. They say "do not eat". Easy to spot
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