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cheap setup for astrophotography

Four newbie questions:

1. How would this setup be for a cheap general purpose & DSO astrophotography: a meade LXD75 6" newtonian OTA an EQ5 mount?

2. I have acccess to a Nikon D70s, but how would apply RGB filters to this setup?

3. Would I need to buy much else to get started...?

4. Would an ED80 be a better choice than the Meade OTA?

Thanks everyone,

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The Nikon D70 is a colour DSLR, you will not need filters as it will take the coloured images for you. Not sure what the EQ5 has on it, but you will need to align it to the SCP very accurately to do the longer exposures needed to gain enough light onto the sensor. If you want to do longer exposures you will need either a cable release or some form of shutter control. The ED80 and the Meades are two completely different scopes, they will achieve very good results. If the EQ5 has an autoguide port then you may wish to use this for longer exposures too.
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Thanks Andrew,

What would be the main pro's and cons of choosing a specially designed astrophotography CCD such as the MEade DSII or II pro, over something like a D70 or D70s body? Would general ease of use be the main one?

I wouldn't have thought the Nion would get enough light to distinguish colours properly...
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The SLR will give you a much wider field of view than any of the DSIs. This would utilise the strengths of both of those proposed scopes. Also a better quality image, in my opinion. A DSLR is capable of fantastic results. Check out this group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/d...guid=136277162 and the links to the various galleries on the home page.
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