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GSTAR or MALINCAM, SAMSUNG video cams???

HI all.
I''ve been toying around with old security cameras for astro video use now for some time with mixed results. I use the Meade 12 inch ACF SCT.

I'm thinking that it may be better to purchase a ready made unit such as the GSTAR series or Malincam that's designed for the purpose rather than buying a Samsung SCC-A2333 or something similar and having to modify it etc.

For those of you who have used the above cameras, I would prefer to buy a GSTAR and keep my money in Australia, but the Malincam has so much hype about it with outrageously low lux specifications that I am now not so sure.

I would be using it in Colour mode only and won't be trying to hunt down the faintest of galaxies, just the well known ones, some globs and definately some planetary viewing.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Your comments are welcome

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Hi Rob,

The Samsung SCC-A2333/SCB-4000 takes under 5 minutes to modify
Easy Peazy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Hh7JN3E-k

but if I had to choose between the Gstar-ex and a Mallincam, I would certainly go the Mallincam (and soon hope to).

Sorry to Steve Massey (MyAstroShop), but the Mallincam is miles ahead now due to continuing research and development.
The new Model, the Xtreme (MCX), is a dual camera. It does 'Live Video' and is also a CCD imaging camera which can also broadcast it's CCD images.
It can do it all wirelessly remote, and can be controlled by computer.
You can choose between Class 1 or Class 0 chip (Class 0 has no hot pixels), and Peltier Cooling.

There are 3 or 4 Mallincam Xtremes already in Australia.

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More than happy with my Gstar. Had the colour and bought a mono too. I'll be buying a replacement colour soon. Easy to operate for a newbie and results pleasing to my eye anyway. And, like you, I like to support the local guy when I can just to make sure he stays local around.

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Keep reading Rob and do careful comparisons. Work out what are the most important criteria and parameters for what you want to do. Are you familiar with the Cloudy Nights forum "Video and Electronically Assisted Astronomy "?
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robz (Robert)
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Thanks Guys, I have joined the Cloudynights forum and am currently researching some options.

The new Malincam seems to be quite a beast, but you need to fork out the bucks if you want one.

I'm not certain whether I need that level of sophistication for what I wan't to do - use the camera as a more sensitive alternative to an e.p. and to be able to see colour in nebulas without spending a fortune.

Would I be correct in assuming that the camera needs to be peltier cooled to obtain zero hot pixels, or is it a combination of new chip technology and cooling?

It's a pity that the GSTAR -EX mini colour and Mallincam jnr are around the same price more or less.This makes the choice towards the GSTAR a difficult one as the performance and specs. are quite different.

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