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Logitech Quickcam 9000 Pro mod disaster.

Hi all - was merrily modding my Quickcam 9000, and all was perfect until I accidentally burnt a hole in the USB cable with the soldering iron, leaving a hole, so I set about to repair it... This included trying to repair the first cable... and then from bad to worse, cutting it off and putting a new one on. An idiot, I know... does anyone know of the correct USB cable that I need to buy to replace my botched frankenstein efforts - so that I can get it to work?

I can from time to time with some jiggling get the small light to come on on the PCB, but am not sure what's right / wrong to get a permanent fix.

It's well and truly now out of warranty but would appreciate any help to get it fixed up - or indeed, can anyone assist for a small fee??

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I presume that like most webcams, the usb cable plugs in to a mini socket on the main PCB ?

If so, I have seen either in the Jaycar or Altronics catalogue, a cable that has a mini plug connected to the opposite end of a standard USB cable/plug.
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Hope your problem is solved. I was looking at getting one of these for astro. Reasonable price and good performance.
Where did you get the mod instructions from ?
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Being an old web cam modder for uses in astronomy from way back....
I was interested when I saw this thread...

I did a quick Google and came across this step by step modding of the QC9K

I hope this helps you as the guy shows how to completely remove the existing USB cable for a longer one...

Hope this gets you up and running.
Looks like quite a nice little cam.

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As robz mentioned above the camera most likely has a small plug on the pcb where the usb cable plugs in. And based on the photos from the link provided by Rich, the only wire soldered on is the ground wire. The rest plugs in. So now the question is can you get a similar cable from Jaycar or Altronics or someone simlar. Robz has said Jaycar may have something so you should check that out. Hop you get it fixed. This is a very good camera once modified. Gary took some real nice shots with it.

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