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USB3 issues solved

I am writing this because I want to show that it can be 'done and be reliable' with all the latest versions of everything.

I have been building a new control box for my NEQ6 setup.
And last night I finally cracked the USB3 nut as far as getting good communication. with all devices being recognized and working correctly.

I am using one single 10 meter usb3 lead from one usb3 port on my laptop. (latest windows 10 install)
This is supplying a full speed for all devices
I have a cheap $15 usb3 hub on scope.

1. usb to serial 232 FT version bought from JACAR electronics for EQMOD
2. MyFocuserPro3 'auto focuser' arduino Nano driven, (via ascom).
3. ASI071mc
4. ASI120mc acting as guider plugged into ASI071 port
5. Joystick for EQMOD

6. MyDewControllerPro3 3 channel, arduino Nano driven. via blutooth.

All of this is controlled from SGP including PHD2 and I get full usb3 speed on the ASI071, whereas in the past I had to reduce it down to 40% due to banding in images etc
There are at least 3 connection to EQmod with no issues (CDC just to have a map, PHD2 and SGP itself)
of course all instances of EQmod need to be with admin rights etc.

Now for the final bit, I bought one of these new dow corning fibre optical extension leads aka 33 foot ( 10 meter )
I still had funny hit and miss with devices showing in control panel, altho when it did it stayed working. until next night and then they did not show up especially the ASI071.
So I checked every thing and found that the auto route for +5v that was supplying the scope mounted hub was not being auto-routed ( basically back feed ) to laptop.
Once I cut the +5 volt line that is on lead that is on the input lead to hub from laptop end. and only the externally supplied +5 volts ( need at least a 2 to 3 amp supply as the USB3 cams pull a lot of power also plus the ASI120 from it too )
Oh and your +5 volts supply must not drop below 5 volts either USB3 has a hissy fit if it drops to 4.9 volts or below and must be very clean too.

Now when plug and unplug devices they pop up instantly in control panel, and I get full USB3 connection with SGP, Sharpcap, Firecapture etc, and at MAX frame rates too.
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