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DSLR Darks and Flats

Thought I would get serious with darks and flats now that I have a lightbox. Just using the camera lens on the Canon 600D and taking flats. Displayed it as a reasonably flat neutral gray and noticed a small white speck 1/3rd of the way in on the frame. Suspected something on the sensor, so tried it with a number of lens, and sure enough the spot is there.

Then I thought that if it was dust on the sensor the spot would be black not white !! So is is a hot pixel ? Checked the darks and nothing there.

Confused anybody got any ideas ?

Edit: I was using Maxim DL, somehow I had drawn a tiny box on the frame, was able to distinguish it when I enlarged the frame, still trying to see how I managed to do it though.


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If it only shows up in the flats it will be a dust donut, and yes the have a whiteish look about them. Will be in the image train somewhere. After saying that it would be good to post an image so we can see what you are seeing to be sure... If it is dust or fluff, that is the purpose if the flat as well as other things.

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