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Suggestions for a first CCD camera

Hi all,

I am looking for advice on what would be a good first CCD camera (not a planetary camera or a low light level video camera).

I have in mind either the Meade or Orion entry level camera (Orion StarShoot Deep Space Imaging Camera 11 or Meade Deep Space Imager 111). They seem to be the two most common in the price range I am limited too. At this stage, I am assuming I would be looking at the colour chip option as opposed to a monocolor option.

I would appreciate comments on either of the above cameras or any other model that I have missed in my research.

Many thanks,

Paul Floyd.
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I would suggest a DSLR, like the 350 etc, as the cameras are very good in noise, plus you have a very big sensor as apposed to a tiny little peewee.
Also the DSLR is more forgiving than most ccd cameras. Need very little work to start imaging, and when used right, produce some really nice shots.

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I'd second what Theo has said. The DSLRs are a great way to break the ice into DSO imaging at an extremely competitive price. They are not perfect but they are still in a league of their own when it comes to chip size and ease of use when compared to other entry level astronomical CCDs. Plus you can use them without having to connect with a pc or laptop, though computer connection does make certain processes (focusing, imaging sequencing etc) easier.

Plus you can still use them for terrestrial imaging if you find Astroimaging isn't for you.
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