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Old 22-02-2019, 10:22 AM
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Plagiarism in photography

Interesting development in Australian photography........




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Old 22-02-2019, 11:18 AM
Sunfish (Ray)
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Some people will do anything for prestige.

In the online world copyright or even genuine professional qualification seems to mean nothing when advertising is the money earner.

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Old 22-02-2019, 11:58 AM
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Last year Canon (Yes, Canon!!!) used faked astro photo (photoshopped) on Croatian website as sample photo (like look what Canon camera can do! It was more about what Photoshop could do....).

It was removed from website after complaint from author (who was not asked for permission by the person who compiled the fake).

It is very hard to control what is happening with photos after publication on the web....
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Old 22-02-2019, 02:06 PM
julianh72 (Julian)
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Plagiarism of another photographer's work is reprehensible, and the use of stock images as elements of a new work is explicitly prohibited in some of the awards that had been granted. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she got caught.

However, I was amazed to read about this coincidence, where two different photographers unknowingly caught the same miili-second frame of a wave breaking over a lighthouse in March 2018:

How Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time

Stealing Accusation Uncovers Incredible Coincidence
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Old 22-02-2019, 03:01 PM
Wavytone (Nick)

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Clickbait, imho.

That article on petapixel re the two images of a wave smashing the lighthouse is, I suspect, a deliberate concoction.

There certainly was an example of two very similar images of a wave hitting that very same lighthouse - but taken a several years earlier, though close inspection did show they were taken from quite different locations as the details of the wave and lighthouse showed key differences.

However it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that one could easily use two cameras and a friend to deliberately orchestrate a deliberate effort to get simultaneous shots, especially with cameras able to rattle off umpteen frames per second.

Pure coincidence ? Pull the other one...
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Old 22-02-2019, 03:59 PM
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What an embarrassment that would be..... let alone the shame that accompanied the exposure off such a folly.
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Old 22-02-2019, 04:37 PM
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I think the problem is that there is a large number of folk who think it is ok to cheat and decive.

Consider the cheating in examinations that is supposed to be common place such that certain folk think getting a pass is just something that one needs to do and so they pay a price to get their ticket.

Look at the drug cheats in sport.

Look a the deception and lies in politics..particularly the false flag opperation.

Personally I like the saying..its not if you win or lose its how you played the game.

I recall a guy telling me about an economy car trial ( the object being to travel further on a certain amount of petrol) and how he was smarter than the rest because he figured a novel way to hide a little extra fuel that gave him the win.

He treated it as though he was just so clever rather than that he was just a cheat.

Yes folks the world is full of cheats and dishonest folk.

A past neighbour, a retired auto electrician, told me (after he got drunk☺) how folk would come into his shop with "alternator problems" and how he would remove their alternator paint it black, to look new, refit it, tighten their fan belt which was the only reason the alternator was not doing its job and then charge them for a new alternator.

Happily he found god driven by guilt to find same and is now a non sinner☺.

And these type of folk think they are so clever but I notice they usually have low self esteem that pays them back with perpetual feelings of inadequacy leaving them suffering life rather than enjoying it...if you do the right thing believe me in the end it pays off big time as you know deep down you have not wronged anyone and as such are probably better than 90% of those other humans who seem as if they have it all.

The thing I dont get is what joy can one get from fooling others and yourself to boot.

Kull them all so in a couple of hundred years we eliminate their genes.

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Old 22-02-2019, 04:51 PM
julianh72 (Julian)
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Originally Posted by Wavytone View Post
Clickbait, imho.

That article on petapixel re the two images of a wave smashing the lighthouse is, I suspect, a deliberate concoction.
Here's another millisecond coincidence that would have been a LOT harder to concoct - a lightning bolt, captured from two locations several kilometres apart:
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Old 22-02-2019, 07:28 PM
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I suppose I am also to blame for images being used illegally.

As a professional photographer I leave myself open to theft by others.

I shoot for a magazine, Classic Cars Magazine, I also do freelance work as a National union of Journalists REGISTERED journalist, BUT

I never watermark my images when posting, and am happy for anyone to print them off if they want to, perhaps it is people like me who wrongly un knowingly encourage the mis-use of others work.

I do NOT want not expect people to use my images illegally for profit, as like any photographer from the person in the street to the person who relies on them for a living doing so is theft.

Last edited by Ukastronomer; 22-02-2019 at 08:48 PM.
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Old 22-02-2019, 09:06 PM
Wavytone (Nick)

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Originally Posted by julianh72 View Post
Here's another millisecond coincidence that would have been a LOT harder to concoct - a lightning bolt
Disagree. The equipment of choice is a photoelectric trigger, which fires the camera in response to the lightning. Two cameras will fire at exactly the same instant.

Sure, two rank amateurs firing off rapid sequences of frames have no chance of simultaneous shots with two cameras.
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Old 22-02-2019, 09:13 PM
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Not being a pro photographer my attitude is that if I don’t want people to pinch it, I won’t post it. It would annoy me if someone was using stuff of mine for commercial gain (unlikely) or passing it off as their own, but it is just like an email IMO, there is no unsend button and once it is out there you have no control over what happens next.
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Old 23-02-2019, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
I think the problem is that there is a large number of folk who think it is ok to cheat and decive.......


Yes, they are often seen in Canberra or Macquarie Street.

Seriously it’s a national pastime in Oz.

That’s why I rarely put my high res data up on the web. It’s too easy to lift and layer data using Photoshop into a rubbish image and make it look decidedly better.

Even David Malin after uncovering several “fakes” in the Malin awards, commented that they are getting more difficult to spot...to the point of making a glib comment..”perhaps we should have a ‘best fake’ award!”
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Old 23-02-2019, 04:38 PM
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I am very aware of this as my wife is chairman of jurors of the Australian AIPP awards committee and co-incidentally a friend of the alleged perp.

Frankly the past month has been hell for the AIpp board & awards committee and all concerned, and our industry as a whole worldwide as this person has entered her recently discovered to be fraudulent images in Australian & International comps (NZ, USA & UK) for many years.

Now the committee has to backtrack & determine the correct prizewinners, recover significant prizemonies ($30k+) and revisit the rules of entry to prevent this happening ever again!

Additionally, the entrant has rightfully been stripped of all awards & memberships, lost reputation, friends & business and many of us are now concerned for her wellbeing, regardless of the circumstances.
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Old 24-02-2019, 07:16 PM
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Well I am going to have a laugh now - at myself almost 50 years ago. There was a bunch of us at school with various interests. Some of us in Astronomy and others in photography. Now deep sky photos were very hard to produce back then , and I mean very hard. So I hooked up with this friend who was a good photographer - he had a Ziess Contax camera. We opened up the Larousse Encyclopaedia of Astronomy and carefully re-photographed the pages with galaxy pictures (Palomar, Lick, Wilson etc) developed and printed them (in black & white of course) on postcard size paper and passed them off as our own work! The ruse only lasted a few days but it was good while it lasted!
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Old 25-02-2019, 06:09 AM
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Posts have been deleted to get this thread back on topic.

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Old 26-02-2019, 11:09 AM
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Wow, that certainly takes some cajones to try to pull that off, especially in such public spheres, and with such great technology at our fingertips, and incredible social network monitoring going on.

My wife is a very skilled photographer, but lately has turned her talents to product shots for our business. The amount of cease and desist letters we have sent to our competitors is totally ridiculous. They blur or cut out the watermarks (so we started running them across the product), crop the images... all to save them from photographing a product that they are actually in possession of. Crazy.

We use Tineye to find nicked pics.
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