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I'm chasing down the cause of some artifacts that have started to appear in images - not that I've managed to take many lately. I'm seeing gradients ranging from darker to lighter from top to bottom of the image - north to south. It's a closed imaging train - all screw-up fittings along the entire optical train so I'm not looking at light leaks or intrusions. I'm sure it is not internal reflections either.

And I'm taking images at the moment in the absence of moonlight and well above any light bloom from city lights. I am using an OAG which I am confident does not shadow the sensor. And have to now deal with the possibility that there is some other factor that is causing these gradients.

I would be interested to hear views from the wiser heads out there.

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is there any possibility that it could be cooling? I had a problem with the thermal connection to the Peltier in my QHY8 and one symptom was a noise gradient. Guess that a thermal problem would show up in darks

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