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Question Philips toucam advice

G'day guys.

Can anyone tell me about this particular model of toucam: ToUcam Pro II PVCV 840K.

No good for DSO work? Is $130 aud a good price? Is this the same model as yours David Pretorious? Didn't you get yours 'modded' for DSOs?

Thankyou in advance
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Yes mate, that is mine. Basically discontinued as phillips has got out of webcams apparently and as there is nothing that i am aware of to replace it in terms or same specs, i would go for it soonish, if you are interested.

good price yes!

I bought mine from telescopes and astronomy for $140 from memory and yes it was modded for an extra $140, the t thread adapter that replaces the lens (in prime focus mode) in the toucam and then slides into the eyepiece holder was around $45.

The only issue i had was the switch that changes the toucam from normal exposure to long exposure got in the way when i tried to focus. They put it at the front and it sticks out about 7 mm too far.

If they can move it, it would be better.

I believe dso's will be fairly good because if mike (iceman) can get great detail with tracking on the planets, then as soon as i get tracking, then dso should come up fine for long exposures (great than the .1sec i can afford at the moment).

the other thing you will need i reckon is an adapter to hold the toucam to the eyepieces for afocal images ie at wide shots.

the toucam when in prime focus ie when the lens removed acts like a 4mm to 6mm eyepiece, which is great for planets, but a bugga for some dso's.

I just paid $69 for the Williams Optics adapter form Frontier Optics. I reckon you could tool one up though!

Now for the laptop, I recommend a Dell....... Don't forget the spare modular battery to fit into the dvd rom drive so you can get around 4 to 5 hours laptop time.

Have fun!
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Don't know much about the Toucam pro but it is possible to do the mod yourself. Also on Philip's site are modes to include peltier cooling. http://www.philip.davis.dsl.pipex.com/tcp2_mods.htm (this isn't my site despite the same name)
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