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GSTAR to rear port of etx125


I would like to know how to connect my gstar ex to the rear port of my etx125 and if this is possible and desirable to do so.. the reason being i would like to be able to keep the eyepiece in the top for focusing and object finding. last night was spent replacing the camera with the eyepiece back and forth whilst i struggle to find and focus on the deeper space objects such as orion nebula with the camera that i had clearly in the eyepiece.

Thanks for reading

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If I have a camera and an eyepiece on my scope, I use a flip mirror and focus the camera then use a parafocal ring on the eyepiece so it focuses at the same point.

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Did you get the 45deg erecting prism with your ETX125? You could use that to attach the camera to the rear port as it threads on.

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Hello sorry for the late reply here.

Thanks for your input. I managed to sort it out for now was using to high a power eyepiece to focus it for the camera. The flip mirror would be the way to go. tlgerdes, i thought that would be a great idea,but I heard the prism is no good astro stuff as it dims the object to much.

Anyway gstar ex is awesome!! even for the small etx we saw clear views of lots of dso. we are very happy with this camera it does exactly what we want it to and My Astroshop have great service and support. I can only imagine how great this thing would be with a bigger scope.

Thanks again


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