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Sbig internal guide chip odd behaviour

Wondering if the collective can help here.
I have been using the internal guide chip in the STL6303 tonight and am getting intermittent issues.
I can see guide star quite happily when I start guiding but after a few subs the guide image thatís downloaded is pretty much black and in Maxim DL the stretch tool is defaulting to Floating point rather than the default medium.

This isnít the faded guide star thing.

When I stop guiding, then do a fresh exposure to select a guide star from, no joy.

When I disconnect the CCD and reconnect, I can get an auto guider image but again, after a few guide subs, it goes black.

Emergency dash to install a Baader Vario guider and spare STi which is working a treat with no issues.

Any ideas?
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Hi David,

what software version are you using? Is it the latest 6.16? Since DL have been working on sorting the guide star fade issue for the AOX, there has been reported all sorts of intermittent issues with guiding in general.

I recommend putting up your problem on the DL forum to see what can be done.

If you have not updated drivers or software then it might be a hardware issue.
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Going on a tangent - if you have MaxIM 6, perhaps try dual star guiding to see if that helps? (no dual star in MaxIM 5). Or one of the other algorithms (I forget what they are as I use simple guiding with a guidescope)
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Physically check to see if the shutter is opening. STi can occasionally get a sticky shutter. Not sure about STL cameras.

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DJT (David)
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Thanks gents

Am on Maxim 6.16 but will check on the driver checker for Sbig. Thanks for pointing that out.

Lewis, havnt tried multi star guiding. Will give that a go. It might turn out to be a USB cable issue. I realised I had but a shorter than usual cable the other night so I will try changing that as well.

Greg, hoping itís not the shutter on the STL..gets expensive sending that back for a service and repairs. I damaged the USB on one STi and it cost $150 US to get it repaired by Bill. He put a new board in I believe. Mind you, he does a great job.

Will see what happens tonight.

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