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Maximdl +two cods +ao8 question

when using say a QSI as camera one, can you use an SBIG + AO8 as camera 2 and then let the AO calibration and function just use the main sensor on the SBIG or does it still default to the second sensor?
Just wondered as am planning on putting both on the mount but would be imaging with one and guiding with the other alternately.
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There is no point using the AO unless you are imaging through it. You can swap the sensors with CCDSoft and use the main CCD for guiding but this won't help a second camera that isn't looking through the AO unit.
I use an Atik camera on one scope and my SBIG with AO on another side by side. I can guide with the Atik and image with the SBIG using the AO to correct as well but not the reverse.
The AO unit doesn't move the mount unless the guide star has moved more than 50% of the AO travel range. If I was imaging with the Atik at the same time it would have wandered too much before the mount started to guide.
I regularly image through both scopes simultaneously using a STi guider on the scope with the Atik camera on it. This guides both scopes perfectly well.
I have a reason for doing this but most people won't find much need to image the same target with 2 camera.
I take photometry with one and a spectra of the same target with the other.
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Maxim etc

Thank you Terry, you answered my question.
Wondered what the advantages were in completely rebalancing my rig and adding the SBIG + AO through an 80mm scope to go with a 200mm RC.
I suppose if I was to use it a lot I could gain some benefit from it, but really when I want to do a wider field I stick my DSLR with a focal reducer into the FS 60. Very wide then though not as wide as the nifty 50'!.
Will consider more , ooohhhhmmm!

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I must say that the title line to this thread really got me in Graham. I was really looking forward to seeing how you managed to get two cods into your imaging train. Alas, it all fell flat when I realised you wern't talking about fish. The proverbial Salmon of Doubt (thanks to Douglas Adams posthumously) remains unsatisfied.

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