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Canon Err99

I have a problem with Err99 on my Canon 400D. It started just after I bought a second lens but only occurs when using the original lens. It also started after I took some star-trail shots using the original lens. Personally I think that both these circumstances are just co-incidence.

The lens is an EF-S 17-85mm IS. I bought it near-new and have taken about 5500 shots with it. After a few bad days and good days it has settled down to the following; if I shoot at full aperture it works, if I stop down it fails when I take the shot (not during preview). I have cleaned the contacts on both lens and camera with first a cotton bud and clean ethanol then with a pencil eraser, but nothing changed.

From reading the web it seems that Error 99 is a bit of a catch-all, ranging from things which clearly aren't my problem to things that could be my problem. It seems to me that the problem could be in the communications (in which case cleaning contacts is all I can do) but it is more likely to be in the diaphragm. It doesn't actually close down until you take the shot and this is when the shot fails.

So ... I am wondering to whom I could send the lens for service/repair and whether it is actually worthwhile. Philosophically I'm a believer in repair rather than dispose but I have to be practical. I can buy new lens for $450. With the cost of labor I wouldn't think paying $200-250 for a service is unreasonable. But if it's going to fail in another way in 6 months it becomes a case of throwing good money after bad. What do you think???
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big call - but if you are going to keep having failures and not track it down then the service could well be worth it. but if that doesnt get to the problem?????? you could call it and say your discounted price for your existing lens is 60% value then repair would be nearly 50-60% of that price - better to get a new one - especially if you use it all the time.
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It could be the shutter..... I had that, repair was quoted ~$420 (I paid $250.. after intense negotiation)
If you do it yourself, then it may be ~$40..

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Some more on my experience with err 99 is below:
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