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external power for EOS camera-advice sought

Looking for some ideas,on where,and how too's-re external power supply for EOS cameras.looking to use my Canon 450D for astrophotography use.The 50D was good.But might have had some sort of balance issues on my mount/scope.Ever since I tried the 450D-nice round stars! from the guiding.Also the 50D is my better camera,and I am earning some small return and getting some good results from my wildlife photography.Which is now my main interest,astronomy is now a secondary interest (which basically causes headaches-and I do not wish for the 50D in any situations which have minimal return or worse)

The 450D has issues-amp glow,more noise than 50D,there is also some strange artifact up along tops of images near the noise-but does not appear to be noise.Although I have heard these sort of things go away once a external power supply is used.

So in order for me to maximize my roll off roof observatory,I want to be able to gather 1.5 to 2 hrs of subs on one object during then night,and the program the camera to take 20 or more darks after this and go to bed,while it does its thing.Finally got the guiding working reasonably well.So just want to set up on an object do a imagery run and go inside and watch a movie or do some visual.And finally get the data.

What does a external power supply look like,where and how much?and any cavets.

Thanks~ Chris

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I tried one of the cheapie "canon" external power supplies off ebay, and had problems with ground loops through the mount and PC etc, so I used the little fake battery adapter from this power supply and hooked it up to a DC-DC converter (from Andrews) that could output the 7.5 volts that my canon needs from a 12 volt supply. Now I run my camera from my 45 amp hour deep cycle battery, which should give me several days of shooting before needing to be recharged. And no more probs with ground loops.

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I pretty much did the same as Adam, Ripped the guts outs of a ebay replacement battery and wired up to dc-dc convertor plugged into a heavy duty jump starter pack.
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I and others barked up this ally a year ago...as many others have.

Martin (IIS user MILL) found this neat little switchmode unit that can be made into a camera PSU.

Easy to make into a camera battery...just buy a cheap fleabay DSLR battery cut it open tear it's internals out and wire up.

The only Issue I had was that my Canon DSLR battery has 3 terminals, +ve, -ve and one that reports "charge". I didn't wire in this "charge terminal" so it reports 30% cell charge all the time. Not a big problem though as it's a PSU not a cell.

That said when I tore apart the battery it had a small cctbrd and I could have wired up the "charge" terminal...just got lazy.
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re power

Thanks all.

Sounds like Geoff Johnston could knock one of these up.I'll look at the 'how to's' and send them to him.

At least that's one 'no more headaches' issue solved.

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Hi Chris,

I got an adapter from these guys:

http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/canonpowerpro.htm for my canon 7d.

Excellent quality and well made bit of kit.

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