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Comet Obs 13th and 14th April 2011

Comet Observations 13th and 14th April 2011

C/2011 C1 McNaught

2011 Apr 12.77 UT; m1= 9.2; Dia= 5.1; DC= 4; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
No tail easily discernable, coma slightly more uniform in brightness, central condensation more evenly spread in brightness.
Comp Star= TYC 549-597-1; Method= M; Cat= TJ

2011 Apr 13.77 UT; m1= 9.0; Dia= 5.5; DC= 4/5; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
Coma appears elongated to South and South-West, slight elongation to the North as well. No tail visible.
Comp Star= TYC 553-489-1; Method= M; Cat= TJ

C/2009 P1 Garradd

2011 Apr 12.78 UT; m1= 11.6; Dia= 2.1; DC= 6; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
Coma is small and diffuse, no tail, coma edges appear thinly veiled and uniform with small star-like central condensation visible in periods of good seeing, slight interference by zodiacal light.
Comp Star= ASAS-3 224936-1231.4; Method= S; Cat= AU

2011 Apr 13.78 UT; m1= 11.5; Dia= 2.2; DC= 5; 25cm L, f:5 (x39)
Coma small, close to bright star, no tail, outer coma appears to be diffuse and uniform with small bright but diffuse central condensation. Slight interference by zodiacal light.
Comp Star= ASAS-3 225015-1247.3; Method= M; Cat= AU

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Nice work Outback man.

I see that you are very well aquianted with comet observing.

I have yet to see even one,Being a relatively newcomer.I really want to see one.

Any bright ones coming up soon.What telescope do you use?

Keep up the good work
cheers orestis
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