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auto guiding

just a little advise please, what would be the best option for auto guiding, a off axis guider or a guide scope ?. i have meade lx200 14'' with a side scope of 60mm, any adice would be much appreciated
reagards J G
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glend (Glen)
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For most beginners to AP i'd suggest a guidescope for simplicity but at that focal length OAG is probably the better choice.
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Hi John,

Another good option could be an On Axis Guider (ONAG). This would be my preference for guiding.

See http://www.innovationsforesight.com/

There are some people on the forum which have had good experience with the ONAG.

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thanks you, your advise and reply much appreciated
regards J G
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I used a Meade 12" Lx200, mounted on the HD wedge and cut-down HD tripod for a few years.....
IMHO a good OAG is definitely the way to go. The Meade OAG is hopeless, but the Celestron or the Telescope Service sliding mirror version are good.
I started with the Lumicon Giant Easy guider (No longer available??)
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This is an unusual OAG it also has a EP slider so you can see what your field of view is.
It's made in HDNylon.
There's also a field flattener in it which you may not use as there's an alternative nosepiece without it.
I've no idea what it's worth....
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At that focal length and optical design 100% go for OAG or ONAG; differential flexure is a killer so you absolutely want to keep it rigid and simple. Add a really good mono imaging camera for your guiding and PHD2 is a good starting point!

Side by side may work at times and in a pinch - but if you want deep, long exposures at that focal length - and have to fight the SCT's mirror varying with elevation shift, flop, tilt or other factors (which might only be thousandths of an inch) then you definitely want to guide on the same optical path that you image from!
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