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Observation notes 8/4/10

Dear all,

Here are my notes from Thursday night.

Thanks for having a look.

Telescope 400mm f4.9 tri-dob reflector
Eyepieces 28mm UWAN, 17,13,9 mm Naglers, Paracorr
Guiding: Night Sky Observer’s Guide (NSOG)

The Plan – observe items listed in Ice in Space April Challenge thread.

Seeing – excellent – 1/5
Transparency – poor due to patchy high altitude haze 5/7

M65, M66, NGC 3628 Leo galaxy triplet 80X With 1 deg. AFOV all three galaxies visible, but there is significant haze in the northern sky impairing contrast and resolution. M66 175x Partly edge-on spiral with bright nucleus and discernible spiral arms and dark lanes even with the poor transparency. The bar is also apparent, almost in line with the two bright stars pointing towards the galaxy from the north. Appears about 10’ long. M65 fainter, but nucleus still distinct and dark lanes apparent, but less marked than those of M65. NGC 3628 – varies between being a fat linear smudge with no detail discernible to clear resolution of dark lanes as haze comes and goes. The dust lane runs along the edge-on disc, more towards the south side of the disc.

I give up on the northern objects due to the haze.

Pismis 19 OC in Centaurus not visible due to haze

ESO 172-07 Boomerang nebula – proto-planetary nebula in Centaurus 250x Very faint patch of fuzz near rhomboid of faint stars. No detail apparent, but might be better on a clearer night.

NGC 3132 PN in Vela “eight burst” Mag 9.2 250x Always a beautiful sight – bright central star with surrounding nebula elongated roughly N-S. A dark band around central star and wide halo around this. The dark ring appears slightly notchy. OIII filter shows dark ring more clearly, much darker on the northern end of the nebula. 350x with no filter - again darker at the northern end of the nebula.

NGC 4372 GC in Musca Mag 7.2 135x Fairly loose GC with no central concentration or core. Some strands of haze and resolvable stars distracted from the GC to the east, north and south. A scattering of resolvable stars in front of background haze. This GC appears less spectacular than usual, perhaps due to poor transparency.

NGC 5189 PN in Musca Mag 10.3 250X Quite a striking object. Several resolvable stars in the haze of the nebula and I can’t tell if one is related to it or not. The brightest of these is to west of the centre of the PN. A reverse S shape of brightness spirals down the centre of the nebula, brighter at the eastern end. Two dark lobes enclose this spiral. The whole lot is inside a broader fainter oval- shaped nebulosity oriented E-W. There appears a small hook on the eastern end. UHC filter shows a small bar projecting to the south-east from the brightest included star. The nebula now looks a bit like a lambda sign. OIII filter shows more of the oval shaped haze in which the inverted S is embedded, the S itself becoming less obvious, but perhaps more grainy.

NGC 5986 GC in Lupus. Mag 8.0 175X Moderate concentration across the central 1/3 of the GC, strands of stars to the north and south-west.

NGC 5882 PN in Lupus. 250X Very blue, bright disc, quite small and no sign of internal structure or central star. Perhaps slightly softer edged on the northern side. Appears brighter blue with UHC filter, but no sign of structure.
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Awesome observation of the Leo Triplet You really have your galaxies in the bag. Damn you light pollution

Pismis 19 I think suffers from very heavy extinction, on Wikisky it appears very reddish and on DSS plates its stars appear to be fainter than 15th magnitude.
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Wow amazing observations of the leo triplet ,well done.

Seems to me that some of us lucky fellows are getting patches of clear sky,which is great for us.

Nice read
Regards Orestis
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