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matt42s (Matt)
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Argon in the tube?

Has anyone ever tried filling their open tube with Argon? My RC8 is fairly airtight at the back end, with only a few gaps around the focuser. If I trickled argon into the tube, it should initially displace the humid Sydney air. Does anyone know how long it would take to become damp argon? or might it be a good solution to dew on my sensor?
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Danack (Dan Ackroyd)
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I'm not sure if what you're trying to do could work, but Carbon Dioxide is denser, so more likely to stick around, cheaper and probably easier to get hold of.
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The surface between the argon and the air will be like the surf on Bondi and will reduce your seeing by about 2 points.
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Dry Nitrogen maybe, available through some tyre suppliers for high performance vehicles tyres rather than air.
Yeah, I know, air is 78% Nitrogen anyway but dry and no oxygen is the supposed benefit in racing tyres so they say. It would be minimal 'boiling' at the interface but temp difference may be a problem.
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Dry nitrogen is the way. Argon will get out fast - it's lighter than air and floats up. Carbon dioxide is corrosive in combination with water vapor (omnipresent). I do not know your telescope design, but if the tube opens to atmosphere even briefly all exercise would have no use.
Correction: Argon is heavier than air -my bad. Does not change the situation to better, though...

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