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Old 07-04-2018, 11:39 AM
bigjoe's Avatar
bigjoe (Joe)
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: sydney
Posts: 1,200
Leo doubles and (leo triplet bonus) for april

Just posting the selected Doubles for this months Constellation LEO ..
Many more are there, but these are favourites.....

REGULUS ..ALPHA- Separation 175", MAGS ..1.4, 8.2 PA 307 ...Binos

SEP 88" Mags..4.9, 7.4
RA 11h 28m 51 DEC +02 45' 25"...
pale Yellow/ Violet contrasts to me?

7 LEO- AKA.. HR 3818 ...MAGS 6.3,9.4 at sep 41" and PA 90.
RA IS 09 H 36M 51S
DEC +14 17' 51"

6 LEO : SEP.. 37.4" PA 75MAGS.. 6.0,9.3 RA09:32.0 DEC+09:42 Red/White Pair ?

Stf1399: Sep.. 31" , Mags 7.6, 8.4
RA 09h 58m 2s
DEC +19 40' 31"
.....I see orange /yellow and you?

88 Leonis: Separation 15"..Mags 6.5, 8.5 , RA 11:31.8 DEC+14:22...colours?

54 LEO AKA STF 1487 ..Separation 6.5" Mags 4.5,6.5

GAMMA LEONIS.. AKA ALGIEBA :Separation....4.4", PA123....Mags** 2.5, 3.5** RA10:19.9 DEC+19:50... both brilliant ORANGE to my eyes!

90 Leonis AKA STF1552 : Separation 3.4" , PA 209....Mags.. 6.0,7.5
RA 11:34.7 DEC+16:47

Stf 1389:
Sep 2.3" , PA 297 Mags 8.0,9.00
RA 9:52.5 DEC+26:58... Intense RED primary/ORANGE pair..what do you see?

IOTA LEONIS: Is actually TRIPLE..Sep AB 2.2", Mags AB.. 4, 6.7 ........... RA 11:23.9 DEC+10:32 colours ? VERY TOUGH..SEE BELOW


IOTA IS AKA..HIP: 55642, AKA.. SAO: 99587
RA: 11h 23.9m DEC: +10 32′
Mags AB: 4.06, 6.71 .AB,C: 4. 11.06
Separation AB: 2.2″ ......Separation of AB,C: 331.30″
PA of AB: 95.9 (WDS 2015 )
PA of AC: 346 (WDS 2000)

STT 215 , AKA... SAO 99032 :Sep 1", Mags 7.0,7.5
Very tough but equal pair , RA 10h 17m 15s DEC + 17 38' 56".. so very good seeing needed, and Dawes limit applies here.

110mm Aperture min AND COLOUR CONTRAST?


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Old 07-04-2018, 11:51 AM
gaseous (Patrick)
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Join Date: May 2016
Location: Brisbane
Posts: 456
You've made a morning of mowing worthwhile Bigjoe! Thanks.
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Old 09-04-2018, 08:27 AM
gaseous (Patrick)
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Join Date: May 2016
Location: Brisbane
Posts: 456
Talk about a tale of two evenings. On Saturday I got the 16 dob out, and the seeing was dreadful developing clouds, and defocused stars indicated some pretty impressive turbulence it looked like a fast-flowing river across the face of it. I could barely split Acrux cleanly while aligning the scope, so gave it up as a bad job after the first 4-5 stars on the list as the clouds rolled in. Sunday night I tried the 8 dob, and despite the ambient light pollution, the seeing was remarkably steady, to the point where I could push the magnification to 480x and still achieve good views. With less light pollution I think some of these doubles would be very impressive. Generally using the Baader 8-24 zoom for 150x, but also pumping up the tighter splits with an ES 4.7mm and Skywatcher UWA 2.5mm, which was grateful for a rare night out of the eyepiece case.

REGULUS ALPHA LEO - Separation175" MAGS 1.4, 8.2 PA 307 ...Binos
No discernible colour difference. Nice easy one to start with.

SEP 88" Mags..4.9, 7.4
RA 11h 28m 51 DEC +02 45' 25"...
Pale Yellow/Violet* contrasts to me?
Agree regarding colours pale yellow and a duller whitey-blue (call it violet!)

7 LEO- MAGS 6.3,9.4 at sep 41" and PA 90...Colour Contrast?
Im getting white and a duller purpley-red for this pair.

6 LEO : SEP.. 37.4" PA 75MAGS.. 6.0,9.3 RA09:32.0 DEC+09:42 Red/White Pair ?

Light pollution must have been adding some colour for this pair, because I saw purple and yellow.

HD 86133 Stf1399: Sep.. 31" , Mags 6.6,7.5*
.....I see orange /yellow and you?

Id call these orangey-white and whitey-yellow.

88 LEO: Separation 15"..Mags 6.5, 8.5*** RA 11:31.8***** DEC+14:22...colours?
Im seeing white with a dusky red companion for this one.

54 LEO AKA STF 1487 ..Separation 6.5" Mags 4.5,6.5

Im seeing both white, with the companion having a faint hint of blue as well.

Separation....4.4" PA123....Mags 2.5, 3.5** RA10:19.9 DEC+19:50... both brilliant ORANGE** to my eyes!

Im seeing golden yellow and a more pale yellow perhaps the colour is a bit washed out due to the light pollution, but still a nice colour for each.

90 LEO AKA STF1552 : Separation 3.4" , PA 209....Mags..* 6.0,7.5*
RA 11:34.7****** DEC+16:47

Pretty tight split, even at 255x. I saw white with the companion suggesting a pale reddish tinge.

Stf 1389 HD 86441:
Sep 2.3", PA 297 Mags 8.0,9.00*
RA 9:52.5 DEC+26:58... Intense RED primary/ORANGE pair..what do you see?

Again, the light pollution is probably responsible for dimming the image the colours certainly werent brilliant but I was seeing a dull red and a dull orange. Also a quite tight split, but the pretty reasonable seeing even allowed a decent view at 480x.

IOTA LEONIS: Sep 1", Mags 4, 6.7 ...........* RA 11:23.9 DEC+10:32 colours ?* VERY TOUGH

I found this one easier than Stf 1389, again reasonably comfortable seeing at both 255x and 480x. I saw the main star as being a whitish yellow, with the companion a duller reddish orange.

Stf 215 HR 4028: Sep* 1" Mags 7.0,7.0
Very tough but equal pair , so good seeing and Dawes limit applies here.110mm Aperture min AND COLOUR CONTRAST
Surprised by the good seeing split this one (just), colours suggesting very pale orange and very pale blue, but these seemed to vary a bit. Could be completely wrong about these colours.
I also thought Id add in a couple of others in Leo just for fun after squinting to split a couple of the tighter ones from Bigjoe, these are well spaced (almost too well spaced), but have large delta mags and the companions are a little dim.

45 LEO: Mag +6.01 & 12.41, sep 34.3 @ 121
Seeing white and yellow (just!) for this pair, in my location I needed averted vision to see the companion star.

31 LEO: Mag +4.36 & +13.6 sep 8.0 @ 41
Bright gold main star, but companion too dim for my eyes.

SUBRA: Mag +3.52 & +10.83 sep 96.2 @ 48
Bright pale gold, and perhaps dim blue for the companion star. With better transparency I think this would be a nice looking pair.

ADHAFERA: Mag +3.44 & +6.03 sep 334.8 @ 338
Bright pale yellow, and a more orangey-yellow for this pair.

Zosma: Mag +2.55 & +10.87 sep 204.8 @ 342

Pale white-yellow with a dim blue companion
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Old 10-04-2018, 02:15 PM
Bombardon (Eugene)
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Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Nowra NSW Australia
Posts: 87
Leo Doubles and Best Variable
Some interesting colour contrasts in doubles in Leo. Viewing in the past month was a challenge with dew and humidity present on most nights. All objects unless noted are viewed with 10 F5 Dob at X150. The 8 is an F9 and 120X.
88 Leo Easy separation with yellowish white and rose pair.
54 Leo (STF 1487) This white and golden yellow pair are an attractive contrast and impressive.
Gamma Leo This binary defeated me in my 10 this month but was an easy split in the 8 in year 2000. Colours yellow and deep yellow; impressive pair.
7 Leo Light blue and grey with another pair in wide field.
Regulus. A favorite in small optics. Greenish White with pinkish companion.
Tau Leo: An easy split, this bright yellow and bluish pair.
93 Leo Spotted in 8, this is a light gold and salmon pink pair with a similar pair in field.
STF 1399. White and pinkish in 25X 100 binox.
R Leonis. Variable. With a cycle of around 314 days and located as a light red star in a mag 8 equilateral triangle near mag 6 stars, 17 and 18 Leo, and about 5 west of Regulus, R was close to mag 5 last week (March 5) and easy in the finderscope.Kind regards, Eugene
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Old 10-04-2018, 09:26 PM
bigjoe's Avatar
bigjoe (Joe)
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: sydney
Posts: 1,200

Had a crack at Iota Leonis...

NOT in my fabulous 130mm APO, but my 102SW BD MAK on an Alt Az go to mount.....its a BRILLIANT SCOPE ALSO..

Fantastic Star Test..SPLIT IOTA EASILY, with 6mm TAK ABBE in reasonable seeing at times here in Sydney... Magnification 216x ; the secondary was just outside the first diffraction ring...detail on Jupiter also very surprising just soaks up mag and remains sharp!...THIS LITTLE MAK ROCKS!

PS: Split all the rest except STT 215 AT SEP 1" ; maybe some elongation detected?...
Also noticed 4 ELEMENT EPs do BETTER on FAINT SECONDARIES than complex 7 element thick glass ones ..NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY ARE..YES even TVs..the secondary will most times just disappear when one of these are inserted!
Nice portable, little DOUBLE STAR SCOPE... the 102 or 127mm Mak ..wont break the bank at about. 400...Recommended with TAK ABBE ORTHOS.
Attached Thumbnails
Click for full-size image (20180411_153048.jpg)
54.7 KB14 views

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Old 13-04-2018, 11:53 AM
Bombardon (Eugene)
Registered User

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Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Nowra NSW Australia
Posts: 87
More Leo Doubles:
March 10th and 11th were 8/10 seeing on the south coast and I managed a few more old double friends from Leo:
Gamma was easily split at about X160 with both burnished yellow and the companion a slightly deeper gold. (A good test of seeing for me)
7 Leo: yellow and blue pair wide with a fainter equal pair in low power field.
6. Leo a deep yellow and blue pair( recurrent colours in many of Leo doubles). Easy split X100.
90 Leo: Another wide and easy pair of white and greyish blue.
Delta Leo is set in an interesting low power field. It is flanked on both sides by fainter companions with another blue one in the field.
Theta is as expected a clean white with a blue companion.
Iota is still too tight for me.
Finally, upon revisiting 93 Leo, I give it the Leo gold medal for its colour contrast, of light yellow and rose with the similar pair but dimmer of whitish and blue in the same field, as viewed on March 11th.
I am also interested in all your magnitude estimates of R Leonis in the coming weeks.
Regards, Eugene
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Old 20-05-2018, 08:49 PM
Tinderboxsky's Avatar
Tinderboxsky (Steve)
I can see clearly now ...

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A belated report in. Tassie weather had thwarted any attempt to view these doubles. I brought the list with me hoping I could slot these in at the South Pacific Star Part at Wiruna.
The Thursday evening was reasonably clear and the observing field relatively quiet. I had a good session with the added bonus of the sky steadily improving, though it all fell apart when snow bearing cloud rolled in around midnight. It was cold!
I am only now catching up with the report whilst camped down at Eden.

All observations were at 100X - LVW 8 in my Vixen NA140SS.
Regulus - blazing white and wide very pale white companion
Tau - yellow and wide pale white companion with a hint of blue. 83 Leonie was nearby in the same FOV - yellow with pale blue companion
7 Leonis - yellow-white with faint white companion
6 Leonis - red and pale white companion
STF 1399 - yellow-orange and near equal magnitude white companion
88 Leonis - yellow-white and paler orange companion
54 Leonis- yellow and pale blue companion with a hint of yellow
Gamma - blazing yellow-orange and pale yellow companion with a hint of orange. Gamma was the closest double on the night but still a straight forward split at 100X.
By this time the sky was crystal clear. The Wiruna sky is certainly one step darker than my skies at home. I spent some time revisiting favourites just to experience the views under very dark skies. Then the clouds rolled in. We awoke to light falling snow the next morning. Friday night was clouded out but Saturday night was excellent late evening.
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