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modded 60da repair request

Hi all you camera fiddlers out there. My modded (by CentralDS) cooled canon 60da slipped backwards out of my scope some months ago and what was originally an intermittent fault is now becoming a regular issue- i.e it refuses to power up. I have tried with batteries and with mains and if you wiggle it sometimes bursts into life.
I sent it back to Canon who refused to do a repair as they rightly said they didn't know what CentralDS had done to the inside of the camera. Words like snipped wires everywhere were bandied about!
Anyway, instead of sending it all the way to South Korea, anyone game to have a look and let me know if the condition is terminal?
I assume the power board is cracked or buggered but it may be a loose wire or a bent connector.
Anyone keen for a look inside a Central DS 60Da?
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Hello Graham,

I have a problem with my centralDS cooled 40d. I have been in contact with centralds and they think it may need a realignment of the optical axis - which apparently can't be done in Australia? (according to camera clinic) The cost will be about $100-$120 + postage each way. The estimated repair time is 4-7 days.
Given the value of your camera (when working), I think your best option is to send it to centralds. Their repair cost seems reasonable and they will be able to fully assess it and repair any other damage that may have been done - including optical alignment etc. (There are some very clever technicians on this site - but it may need specialist equipment.)

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Hi Graham

Sounds like a cracked PCB or damaged power pin. I am electronics (Avionics) and camera trained (although Aircraft cameras) and can look at it for you but cannot guarantee anything. I have necessary variable power supplies to check it out and I repair Gemini1's to component level so handling it is a cinch but finding the issue...well it's up to the electron gods.

It's up to you. PM me if you want me to look at it.
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