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M6 and surrounds

It ended up being half cloudy last night but I managed to get enough subs for a couple of images.
M6 is the cluster near top centre; the large cloud below it has interesting formations on the right hand side that I'd like to target with my TS115.

Details: 15x5 minutes, Redcat 51, L-Enhance filter with 80% moonlight.
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John W (John Wilkinson)
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Nice wide field image Tony (same for your other pics). Thanks, JW.
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Startrek (Martin)
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Nice image !
I love that little cluster above , makes an interesting feature to the whole image
Good work
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Oh me, oh my!

A GIANT has been resplendent in our sky, yet it has gone totally unnoticed by nearly EVERYONE!

Tony, I was first going to comment about your wonderful composition, on how you put M6 off-centre, and with that bulb of round red nebulosity below it. The composition of your photo is really wonderful, which is what makes it so appealing and beautiful

But I then took a closer look at your photo, and noticed something odd about it. I am very familiar with this area of the sting of Scorpio, but I did not recognize that bright red patch of an emission nebula. This is a MASSIVE object, over 2° in diameter, yet it is totally UNKNOWN!!!!

There is plenty of dark nebulosity all around it, and this is well listed in catalogues, but the emission nebula is totally unknown! If you look carefully at the dark pillars and Bok gloduals in this patch of red, they ALL radiate out from a common point - a single bright star in the centre of this ball of red. As it happens, this star is an O7V supergiant star in the tiny cluster NGC 6374. And this nebula is blowing out and ionzied by the radiation of this massive star! This whole emission nebula is a giant version of the Rosette Neb, the Lagoon and the cluster Trumpler 14 in Eta Carina.

But because it is faint (due to its size), it has gone totally unnoticed! And it took a bit of looking around for the name of this monster nebula.

Behold, emission nebula LBN1117!

The cluster at the center of this nebula is very young. The dominant star in it, this O7V O-type star is lean in Helium in its spectrum, the first part of the clue to its tender years. And the nebulosity itself is a giant cosmic bubble that is on the verge of disappearing into the abyss of space it is so big. Another clue to the young age of the star and nebula is the small size of the cluster and the close proximity of the component stars to each other - they haven't had enough time to move away from each other.

Another interesting feature here is with M6. Despite that many of its component stars are B-type (the next stellar type below O-type), the material that it was formed from has totally dissipated, leaving the cluster alone, and its component stars are much more widely spaced than in NGC 6374. M6 is a much older cluster. All of this adds to the truly complex nature of Tony's photo!

And it doesn't stop there! Immediately to the right is another big emission nebula, and it too is centered around another O-type star, and just like LBN1114, it is faint and poorly known as it is not as bright as the brighter Cat's Paw and War & Peace nebulae. But both the Cat's Paw and War & Peace neb' are dwarfed in size by LBN1114! It's going to take a bit more research to find the name of this other smaller emission nebula.

O-type stars are as big as stars get. These are the suckers that go BOOM!

HOLY COW! I never knew of the existence of this MASSIVE emission nebula right overhead right now! 2° in flaming diameter!!! And yet it is an extremely obscure object!!!

Very well done, Tony! Not only have you captured a gorgeous part of the sky, but your processing was such that it brought out of obscurity a truly magnificent giant of the sky!

I'm going to have a shot at trying to spot this sucker this coming new Moon weekend with my 8" f/4 dobbie. Man, it's going to suck my eyeballs out trying to spot it, but I think I have a fighting chance with this scope


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Yet another fantastic image there Tony. I am a little confused though how come you are getting all of Victoria’s clear ( or clear enough )skies and why you’re leaving me none in the west
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Gee Alex, it's hard to be humble Thanks for everyone's kind comments.

There's significant tonal variation in the nebula, more obvious in the higher res picture I sent to Alex. It would be interesting to see the narrowband guys do a bi or tri colour image to better illustrate structures within the nebula. I do have Ha and OIII filters so I might get around to it but the weather isn't cooperating - I used up all my good luck Ryan.

I'm glad my image has given you something new to observe Alex.
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Found some other pics of the area on astrobin, search for Sh2-12: https://www.astrobin.com/search/?q=sh2-12
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Another lovely image Tony, I'll have to check it out myself.
Thanks for posting.
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You have a very artistic style Tony. Congrats on another great capture.
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