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highlander2287 (Brett)
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Curious Planet

I decided to check out the curious planet website since they are shutting down to see what sales they might have. I noticed they are advertising the skywatcher 8" collapsible dob with goto for $959 with free delivery. Very tempting, but I would really prefer a 10". Anyone else interested?

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That's quite a bargain. Why not get it and learn the sky and the pros and cons of GOTO and then you can go larger, say 12" as no point jumping to 10" from 8" (or smaller grab and go if you want) as your next telescope in a few years but only if you want to. You could buy it and the 14" manual dob in the classifieds for the same cost as a 10" GOTO; just saying not that you need to.

8" aperture is plenty for thousands of objects from planets to DSOs. If you have money left over then get a quality eyepiece or two. You won't regret it.

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Xeteth (David)
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There are a number of bargains, however I stumbled across this news the other day and there's a word of warning from a current (soon to be former) employee. I would only buy in-store:
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highlander2287 (Brett)
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Very interesting. Good to know, thanks.
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Definitely worth a look online and seeing if a local store has what you want in stock. I popped into the Carindale store yesterday and picked up a Celestron Starsense for $380.
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I got an AstroReality Lunar Pro from Tuggerah for 80% off.
I like it next to my Apollo 11 models.
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lodagoda (Khaled)
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Curious planted have good sales online but unfortunately whatever I try to buy, it gives a message that it is out of stock. So probably a bit late for me
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