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Old 21-04-2018, 02:04 PM
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wavelandscott (Scott)
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This is my Wife’s Uncle Jimmy....

I copied from Wikipedia...

How thrust is hypothesized to be produced by the Woodward effect. The C represents a capacitor element, L represents an inductor element.
The Woodward effect, also referred to as a Mach effect, is part of a hypothesis proposed by James F. Woodward in 1990.[1] The hypothesis states that transient mass fluctuations arise in any object that absorbs internal energy while undergoing a proper acceleration. Harnessing this effect could generate a reactionless thrust, which Woodward and others claim to measure in various experiments.[2][3]

Hypothetically, the Woodward effect would allow for field propulsion spacecraft engines that would not have to expel matter. Such a proposed engine, is sometimes called a Mach effect thruster (MET) or a Mach Effect Gravitational Assist (MEGA) drive.[4][5] So far, experimental results have not strongly supported this hypothesis,[6] but experimental research on this effect, and its potential applications, continues.[7] The anomalous thrust detected in some RF resonant cavity thruster (EmDrive/Cannae drive) experiments may be explained by the same type of Mach effect proposed by Woodward.[8][9][10]

The Space Studies Institute was selected as part of NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts program as a Phase I proposal in April 2017 for Mach Effect research.[11][12][13][14] The year after, NASA awarded a NIAC Phase II grant to the SSI to further develop these propellantless thrusters.[15][16]
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Old 21-04-2018, 03:53 PM
dpastern (Dave Pastern)
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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Dave GR has been tested every which way such that from what I can grasp it really cant take us further.

I really think GR has become a business ... there is now no prediction that has not been tested as far as I know...its been done to death and it seems that the great minds tired up in GR could be put to better use.

The environment does not exist where something new can drop out of the research.

I think there is a better case for funding scientists to just do "what pops into your head" if we seek new stuff.

However on the bright side GR does keep a lot of great minds active I expect.

It is hard to think of something new these days.

Once I could come up with what would be judged as a rat bag idea that could never happen whereas now you get an idea search on utube and there it is with 30 people doing what you thought about.

I thought one could inflate a black plastic bag with air let it heat up in the Sun and you would have a solar hot air I go on utube and find 30 people with solar hot air ballons.

I designed a cat to take the world sail record which was pretty novel and a couple of weeks ago find it out there such that it matched my plans...and it did take the record...but funny I cant find it again ...which I must there was one aspect not in the one I saw which probably would give a little more speed.

So its cloudy here as you can guess.

OH well, I personally find the research around black hole mergers interesting. :-)
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Old 23-05-2018, 02:07 PM
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Kal (Andrew)
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Some new updates
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Old 23-05-2018, 02:33 PM
dpastern (Dave Pastern)
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Originally Posted by Kal View Post
Now why doesn't that surprise I said, warp drive is a far better tech to be pursuing.
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Old 23-05-2018, 02:44 PM
deanm (Dean)
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EM? It's all a furphy:
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Old 23-05-2018, 04:27 PM
dpastern (Dave Pastern)
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Originally Posted by deanm View Post
never heard the term "furphy" before, but yes, I agree.
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