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Solar System imaging filters

Hey all,

I am still waiting a filter wheel i ordered and sounds it is either very late to arrive or maybe lost, so i will wait little bit then i will cancel it and ask for refund.

For the time passing, i am trying to build or better say to complete my set of filters that i will be using for solar system imaging, either with mono cameras or color cameras, so i hope i can have the list and see what is i have already and what i need to add more later.

The filter wheel i ordered is for 8x1.25", and because i will keep this only for solar system then i don't need to swap or replace filters inside, and if i needed i can buy another one either 8x1.25" to have 16 filters or that 5x1.25" so i am at maximum 13", how do you fill your 8 slots filters for planetary then?

1. L
2. R
3. G
4. B
5. ?

I have IR742 and UVenus, so this is already 6 filters, i am not sure if i should just use that L in LRGB set or replace it with better strong L one, also i have 6 filters set of color IR Pass filters, 2 of them i won't use much, so that is 4 left, 6 + 4 = 10, means either i pick only 2 out of those or just buy another filter wheel to continue, so what will be your filters to be used in solar system imaging rather than LRGB and UVenus/IR Pass (600-1000nm]?
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