Astronomy Calendar 2012 and Australian Sky Calendar 2012 Order Form
Submitted: Thursday, 2nd July 2009 by Mike Salway

This year, Astrovisuals are releasing two calendars - the Astronomy Calendar 2012, and the Australian Sky Calendar 2012. Both calendars are a visual treat, and there's something for everyone. Whether you're an amateur astronomer, casual star gazer or just have an interest in the beauty of our night sky, one or both of these calendars will suit you.

The Astronomy Calendar 2012 contains the usual mix of images taken by professional observatories, space probes and amateur astrophotographers, and highlights astronomical events throughout the calendar year.

The Australian Sky Calendar 2012 is a new release this year, and combines the beauty of our Australian landscapes and landmarks, with stunning night skyscapes showcasing our Australian Sky. All of the images were taken by Australian amateur astrophotographers.

The calendars are $19.00 each and include free postage and handling within Australia. XMAS SPECIAL! Order 2 or more and receive a 30% discount!.

Astronomy Calendar 2012


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Astronomy Calendar 2012 Front cover

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Astronomy Calendar 2012 Back cover

Australian Sky Calendar 2012


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Australian Sky Calendar 2012 Front cover

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Australian Sky Calendar 2012 Back cover

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Both calendars feature 12 great images and provide a nightly guide to what’s visible in the sky, and also include a summary of the year indicating best time to view the planets, as well as maps showing planetary alignments in the pre-dawn and post-sunset sky.

  • The Astronomy Calendar includes moon phase, planetary positions, eclipses, lunar occultations, conjunctions and meteor showers.
  • The Australian Sky Calendar includes moon phase, eclipses and other major events. It also includes School Holidays for all Australian states.

Note: The maps are designed for use in Australia and NZ, but are usable in South Africa too. The calendar itself can be used anywhere and the images are beautiful all over the world.

The calendars make great gifts for christmas, birthdays and more! Grab the stocking and present fillers now!


  • Astronomy 2012 Calendar: $19.00 each (includes free postage within Australia).
  • Australian Sky 2012 Calendar: $19.00 each (includes free postage within Australia)
  • 20% Discount XMAS SPECIAL! 30% discount if you buy 2 or more calendars in the same order.
  • For overseas orders (outside Australia), the cost is $25.00 per calendar which includes postage.

To place an order, click the blue button, fill in your details and click Submit. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your order.

The benefits of getting your calendar through an IceInSpace bulk order are:

  1. Low cost
  2. Delivery to your door (within Australia)
  3. You support IceInSpace!

Payment can be made in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Paypal - Payment via paypal can be made by clicking on the Paypal link which will be displayed upon completion of your order. Just fill in the appropriate amount in the Paypal order form.
  • Cheque/Money Order - made out to "IceInSpace". The address to send it to will be displayed upon completion of your order.
  • Direct Deposit - bank/account details will be displayed upon completion of your order.

SOLD OUT! Thanks for your support.

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