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ppmcentre.exe 29.32 KB
Written by Anthony Wesley (forum member 'Bird'), this program takes as input a a bunch of BMP files, centre's each image within the BMP, optionally crops the frame a bit, and writes over the original BMP. This is useful for planetary avi post-processing, to centre the planet in each frame before passing through Registax. To create the BMP's in the first place, use a program like VirtualDub to save a sequence of BMP's from an avi capture file. For options and help, run: ppmcentre --help 2.01 MB
Written by Adam Bialek (forum member 'Hitchhiker'), RGBSplit is a VB application that will take as input one or more directories containing colour BMP files, and it will split the bitmaps into their Red, Green and Blue channels, saving the resulting bitmaps into their own subdirectories. 2.37 MB
Written by Adam Bialek (forum member 'Hitchhiker'), PCFE is a VB application that takes as input one or more directories containing BMP files, allows you to set options for ppmcentre, and it will run Anthony Wesley's ppmcentre program on the command line. ppmcentre is a tool used to crop, centre and rank the BMP files. PCFE takes the trouble out of running DOS command line programs.
Observing Downloads
Observing_Log_Template.pdf 41.94 KB
This Observing Log Template is great for recording what you see at the eyepiece, with sections for all the usual details, a finder chart, 2 eyepiece sketch pads and detailed notes.
eyepiece_shootout_guidelines.txt 3.62 KB
Courtesy of the Yahoo group "Astronomy_Shootouts", this file lists a set of criteria you should be aware of and look for when doing an eyepiece review.
Misc Downloads
iis_pamphlet_070720.pdf 796.79 KB
If you want to help promote IceInSpace, you can download and print this pamphlet and distribute it at your local astro club meetings, star parties etc. It prints equally well in black&white or colour, though colour does look better :)
SkyScan_Alignment_Stars.pdf 2.19 MB
A list of alignment stars and finder charts for owners of SynScan scope controllers.
Al's Astro Apps 229.46 KB
Al's Astro Clock is a small application that displays local time, universal time, solar time and local sidereal time. It will give rough solar and sidereal time based on your computers time zone, but can also give accurate solar and sidereal time if you enter your longitude. Longitude is saved when the program is closed and is recalled the next time you open it. Sidereal time is calculated using the USNO's abbreviated calculation method, accurate at January1, 2000 but loss of precision is only 0.1s per century. Night vision red on black is standard, but the windows border can also be toggled on/off by double clicking just inside the windows border. 230.51 KB
Al's Illuminated Reticle provides a double cross hair reticle overlay for use with any image capture software. The brightness of the reticle is adjustable. The reticle can be rotated and translated to a specific position, and the reticle window size is displayed, to assist with positioning of a target star on the slit of a spectrograph. Can be used for drift aligning, aiding in repeating capture framing, guiding, etc. 225.27 KB
Al's Image Composition Aid is another transparent overlay which is resizable and has adjustable brightness. This overlay displays the centrelines, diagonal and 1/3 point of the capture frame to assist with image composition. 224.68 KB
Virtual Light Box is a resizable window of adjustable brightness from black through grey to white. Designed for use as a target for taking flat frames. Useful for smaller scopes and camera lenses, or as an emergency backup if you've forgotten your light box! 226.64 KB
Al's Collimation Aid is yet another transparent overlay... this one is a tool to help accurately star collimate your scope. The overlay consists of three adjustable concentric circles. Your scope is accurately collimated when the central point and the inner and outer circles of the Airy disc are all concentric. There is an option to turn on number to help you to choose the right collimation screw to adjust as well. The reticles are adjustable in the brightness. 225.91 KB
Al's Focus Aid is another transparent overlay that provides an adjustable visual frame work for measuring the accuracy of focus with a Bahtinov Mask. Position the centre cross hairs on the focus star with the centreline of the reticle aligned with the middle diffraction spikes. Adjust the width of the reticle frame work until the diagonal diffraction spikes intersect exactly at a measurement tick on the reticle framework. The focus is sharp when the diagonally opposite spikes intersect the reticle at exactly the same distance from the centre line.
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