IceInSpace FTP Service for Members

I'm pleased to announce an FTP service for IceInSpace members to use.

Often, especially in the imaging forums, people ask (or are asked) to process someone else's raw data. For those with webspace of their own, they can upload their files for people to download and play with, but that can sometimes be limited to just 10 megabytes. For those without webspace, it means sending CD's and DVD's through the post - IF you have a CD/DVD burner.

Well now, with the IceInSpace FTP service, you won't need to send stuff through the post any more!
You will be able to upload file(s) to the IceInSpace server, and then you can post (or give people) the link to the file so that others can download it.

To prevent unauthorised or malicious use of the storage space, the password to upload will only be given out upon request. Once your file is uploaded, anyone can download it if you give them the link.

What You Will Need

  1. An FTP Client (such as SmartFTP, FileZilla or others)
  2. The password (contact me via email/PM to request it when you wish to upload a file).

How To Upload

  1. Connect the FTP client to on port 21.
  2. Connect as user iis_uploads, with the password supplied.
  3. Upload your file(s). Be sure you have zipped your file first (using winzip/winrar) to ensure it's as small as possible (and therefore upload/download time is reduced). Filenames are case-sensitive.

How to Download

  1. The directory that files are uploaded to is So if you uploaded a file called, you can distribute it using the link
  2. Filenames are case-sensitive


  1. There is no file size limit, but there is a 20GB total quota. However you must realise I don't expect people to upload extremely large files.
  2. Currently there is no timelimit on files remaining on the storage space.
  3. The storage space is to be used only for IceInSpace Forum/astronomy related files - that is, astrophotography files, etc.
  4. The password will be changed on a regular basis.
  5. The service must not be used to store pornography, mp3's, copyright software or other illegal files.
  6. IP addresses are logged and regular auditing will be done on what files are on the site.
  7. These rules are subject to change at any time.

Failure to comply with these rules or abuse of the service may result in your access to the FTP service being revoked. Repeat, or serious offences may result in further action.

Remember, this service is for you - to make your life easier, to share relevant files quickly and easily with other forum members. If you break the rules, you'll not only get yourself in trouble, but you'll potentially spoil it for everyone else if I am forced to take the FTP service away.

So please, play nice. Use the service as it is intended - as a temporary storage space so you can upload files for other people to download.


  • In the future, i'll be looking at integrating your forum login with the FTP storage space, so you will be able to login using your forum username/password. This way, i'll have better control over who can use the service.
  • I'll also look at installing a web-based FTP client so you can upload files through the web, without needing an FTP client.

Comments, feedback, questions are all welcome, please contact me.

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