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More odd behaviour from QHY5

Apart from the identity crises these devices seem prone to experience (I've had 3 of them do it to me so far - three out of three), the ne remaining device I have is the one I managed to reflash and write-protect by cutting the line on the circuit board that is recommended. And it has decided that it doesn't like it's new identity and wants to be a searchlight instread. I have been trying to drift align with it, using PHD and after an exposure or two, it floods the PHD screen white - and sort of drifts back to a normal contrast after a while and then goes white again - almost as if it was tring to compensate for having a dark image - it's stretching itself or something similar. One way or anpther, it has become unusable - and that makes three out of three QHY5s that have gone belly-up on me in the past year. Not a bad record. I won't be buying another, that's for sure.

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I'll give them a go on my computer if you like Peter. See if it does the same on my computer.
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