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Combining images from 2 cameras?

Would it be possible to combine data from 2 different cameras? For instance, If I wanted to add HA data to a OSC image, captured with my QHY10. I don't see why not, if I captured HA data with a monochrome CCD, as long as the image scale was the same?

Edit: Or is that a waste of time, and may as well LRGB image?

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With modern software there's nothing to stop you combining data from different cameras, OTAs, FLs, etc Erik. Its just a matter of whether the extra data is of high enough quality to add SNR, which it sounds like it would be.

I've seen the Pixinsight forums guys collaborate a couple of times sharing data on a single object to produce professional observatory quality images. Would have to dig for a link, was a while ago. M51 I think was one.
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