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Green laser pointer

I see somewhere someone is selling these green laser pointers for $150, i made this one for less that $50.

First i got a Laser host off ebay as in the first photo.

For the law of the land i got a 5mw green laser module, personally i use a 30mw but 5mw is all that is allowed, you must get one with no wires and a spring like in the 4th photo, (donít even think about any other colour, green is the best) i then bypassed the switch as you can see in the 5th photo,

You will need a 18650 battery and charger.


Push button on off switch.




Green laser module you will need, the alloy sleeve is part of the laser host, the module doesnít come with this.


You can see the small piece of wire that i have soldered between the switch terminals, this bypasses the switch and now the push button on the end of the housing becomes the on/off switch.


Put it all together and Bobís ya uncle.
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Great diy tut but you can get them off ebay for under $20, as I do AP work thankgod there outlawed in vic. I really don't think there's any use for them expect pointing stuff out to newbies who have no idea of the sky, things like public viewing nights they do serve a purpose, crack one out when i'am imaging and it will quickly wind up in your own black hole haha.
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