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Startrek (Martin)
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M20 Trifid Nebula on the run

Clear conditions last night in Sydney , arrived home a bit late and decided to capture a quick M20 again with the new ZWOASI2600MC camera
This time I pushed 3 minute subs using the 2Ē ZWO Duoband filter , Bortle 8 suburban skies , neighbours flood lights but no moon around

6Ē f6 Bintel newt on an EQ6-R Mount
ZWOASI2600MC with 2Ē ZWO Duoband filter and Baader coma corrector
Ascom camera control
Camera cooled to -10C
25 x 3 minute dithered guided subs
20 x darks
20 x flats
Goto and tracking EQMOD StellariumScope and Stellarium
Frame focus and capture APT
PHD2 guiding at 0.90 to 1.10 arc sec error total
Stacked in DSS
Processed in Startools V1.6 OSC linear data set RGB

Not one of my best Trifidís to be honest

This time with 3 minute subs and just over an hour of data the noise was definitely more apparent under heavy light pollution than the last time I imaged this object but the Duoband filter did its job well . I have some options to look at following this result
More subs
Shorter subs
Cool the camera down to -15C to -20C
Cooler calibration frames
and so on ....
Although I am pleased with colours of the Outer star field, the reds
Stars ( orange ) stand out which is pleasing

Comments welcome
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I would be very happy if I had that . Great colour . Three minutes seems to be the sweet spot for sure. A very beautiful night out there last night.
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Well, to use your own words, its not one of your best, but it is still an image
that many people would be happy with. It is interesting that this image
only very faintly shows the blue down the left side, whereas my much
shorter subs display it quite brightly, must be the filter I guess.

Can I make a suggestion? When at a loose end for a while, can I suggest that rather than imaging something that you already have an image of that you are happy with, that you find something new to have a go at. Firstly, this will build an archive of objects that you can go back to later to improve on either by reimaging, or reprocessing as your skills improve, and just as importantly, time, or some other probably unexpected factor, will catch up with you eventually, making imaging either impossible or infrequent. You will then have a wealth of material on hand to work with, and as you will be much more experienced by then, you will hopefully be able to improve many of the images. Feel welcome to tell me to b----r off if you like.
cheers raymo
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Wow! That's pretty cool. Super tight. I like it a lot.
What do you mean not your best.
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Startrek (Martin)
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Thanks , itís a fun object to image having Ha , Olll and dark nebula, a good test object to use

Point taken and agree
I never tell any folk to bu_ _er off , especially folk in your caliber of experience
Thanks for commenting
I looked at an image of M20 I captured last year with the 600D and it has so much more detail , contrast and nebulosity plus the colour was more natural. Still so much to learn with the new camera
Thanks again !!

Thanks for your kind comments
Itís not that itís a poor image, itís just that I was a bit disappointed about the noise in the image which I havenít seen so far using my new camera over the past month or so

Thanks again
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Still very good M.

I can suggest to improve on your images will cost you a '6 pack'.

And then take it over to your neighbours!
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