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New commercial scope type released


Celestron release a new hyperstar telescope (11" ). Might be very interesting
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Interesting. The specs say fl=620mm fl, but the front end of the scope says fl=2800mm - bit sloppy.

69mm backfocus isn't much either - QSI with it's inbuilt filter wheel is about 55mm.

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Originally Posted by DavidTrap View Post
Interesting. The specs say fl=620mm fl, but the front end of the scope says fl=2800mm - bit sloppy.

69mm backfocus isn't much either - QSI with it's inbuilt filter wheel is about 55mm.

if it is a hyperstar set up the filter wheel is not functional - the camera is at the objective end
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55mm is the right distance for Canon DSLR at least.

Interesting in that it's a few kgs heavier than the C11...
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Comes with a wide range of marketing superlatives but not much in the way of hard specs
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Very interesting, I recon with one of these at the focus it could be a formidable system..?

Small (less than the secondary obstruction) and light (400g), good size field of view, excellent image scale and ubber fast...

Often wonder what hanging something on the corrector plate does to its figure though...?

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Look forward to seeing the results of this setup, looks a great DSO/Comet imaging system. Not everyone can afford ferrari's thats why these units are perfect for the commercial market. If they perform well, then the manufacturer will make a killing. Keeping my eye on this one...
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Originally Posted by Astromelb View Post
you only get results from ultra premium gear, as is the case with every product field
Sorry, but that's demonstrably false. The share of images posted to this site (or any number of other sites) that were created with OS scopes is very small, as is the proportion of people transported by 12cyl Ferraris.

You do get results from mid-range and even low-end gear, you just have to work a bit harder, or forgo some convenience.

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Yup, that just smacks of elitism. I've seen some outstanding images come from Hyperstar setups. I've seen a lot more ****e come from them too. I think that imaging at F/2 is simply difficult.
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new scope

this is getting like Hollywood's subtle product placements in movies!!
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This design is clearly a new flat field Schmidt design optimised for the new breed of larger format cameras. It has longer fl primary than the typical sct (which is around f 1.5), so it is not just an add on to existing sct optical components as the FASTAR was. Anything that Dave Rowe, desighner of the CDK, is involved in should be pretty state of the art. Celestron technological know- how is still based in a tight US team, and the optical quality I have seen in chinese made SCT has been excellent, so assuming that the instrument is of sound mechanical design it should be a winner. The challenge will be maintaining focus as the depth of focus would be small.

Im not an imager but I would say this is an exciting development for those wanting to cover large fields deeply.

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I've removed some inappropriate posts not suitable for this thread. Obviously some personal issues at play.

I also had to remove some that quoted those that I removed, sorry about that.
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