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Samyang 14mm f/2.8 or Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8?

Hi Folks

I'm after some advice from those of you who have already trod the path of nightscape, star trails and timelapse photography that I'm about to take with one of these lenses.

First up though some background information.

I currently have two camera bodies, a Canon 60Da and a Canon 400D. The 60Da spends most of its time attached to my SW120ED, but I have also used it (briefly!) to have a go at grabbing some milky way shots.

My AP priorities at the moment are:

1. A decent wide angle lens that can be used on either of these camera bodies. (Long term I may be able to purchase a modded full frame sensor camera)

2. Construct a plinth for a pier I had built earlier in the year.

3. An observatory so that I have a permanent home for my scope.
(It would be nice not to have to use valuable imaging/observing time for setting up and packing up!)

4. Use my current set up and camera (60Da) to try photometry of δ-scuti and cepheid variable stars.

5. Look at getting a decent mono ccd camera with filterwheel and filters (LRGB and NB)

6. Purchase a full frame modded DSLR for portable use.

Priorities 2 and 3 may take 12 - 24 months to fulfil, at which time I'll rethink and maybe reconsider priorities 5 and 6.

To maximise the return on my investment I'd also like to use the widefield lens for daytime landscape photography - mainly streams and waterfalls at slow shutter speeds. In this respect one downside of the Samyang is the inability to use filters (UV, polarizing and ND).

I've read a few online reviews and have received some advice already via PM (thanks Greg!) and am now ready to choose between these two lenses after eliminating the Samyang 24mm f/1.4 for use on my current cameras.

Thank you all in advance for sharing your experiences and offering your advice.

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Originally Posted by pfitzgerald View Post
(thanks Greg!)
Pleasure. Can't remember off the top off my head if we discussed the Tokina via PM but considering your listed priorities and that you say that you want to use it for daytime shots as well then, even though I have not personally used one, the Tokina would certainly be your best bet. You would get a wider field of view and be able to expose longer without trails below 14mm. From what I have heard it has very good coma control wide open at F/2.8 and you will have auto focus and auto aperture control for daytime imaging. Filters would be easy to fit but be aware that some screw in filters block the edges of the frame at wide angles. There are actually filter systems for the Samyang 14mm now. One disadvantage of the Tokina is that if you ever do upgrade to FF you wont really be able to use it.


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i cannot use filters on my tokina 16-28mm, the curve on the front lens is extremely high and the hood does not allow it either, maybe check the
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I've seen both these lenses used quite a bit on my workshops. I have the Samyang 14mm but don't actually use it very much.. primarily because I have better options but the heavy vignetting on full frame just doesn't make for attractive shots on the back of the camera so doesn't inspire you to keep using it, even though it can be corrected in post (with a penalty in terms of noise in those areas).

My recommendation would also be for the Tokina. It performs very well across that focal length range wide open at f2.8 so gives you more flexibility. It's easy to focus right on the infinity mark (although the Samyang is not much of an issue either).

The only real reason to consider the Samyang is you want to be more flexible for the upgrade to full frame at a later date, but with your setup now my bid would be for the Tokina.

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Hi Greg, Pat and Phil

Thanks heaps for your advice. Coupled with reading Mike Salway's thoughts on lenses, and a few more reviews I will be following your advice and getting the Tokina 11 - 16mm f/2.8 Canon lens in the not too distant future - hopefully next week! ;-)

Kind regards to you all - and Phil I'm hoping to put into practice what I learnt at your workshop way back in February once I get my new lens!

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Hi Paul,

I don't have any experience with the Samyang but I bought a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 before an eclipse trip to Svalbard earlier this year (for use on a very battered, old, temperamental Canon 400D), and I used it for photographing aurora. It's a beautiful lens, I'm very happy with it. It was wonderful for all those wide snow covered landscapes too.

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Hi Paul,
Have a look at http://www.dxomark.com/ its pretty useful for side-by-side comparisons and even finding lenses you never considered.

On the 400D the Samyang has worse metrics apart from chromatic aberration. BTW I am not sure these are the exact Tokinas you have in mind, as I was unable to compare all three on the Canon 6D (perhaps these Tokinas are only for crop-sensors?).

The Samyang on the 6D looks like it is a pretty sweet combination, perhaps something worth considering if you go to full frame. I have this combination and the distortion is terrible but fixed easily and very well in photoshop. The Samyang is manual focus only.

Let me know if you want to see an example of Samyang during the day before/after distortion/vignetting removal in photoshop.

Rgs Tim.
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