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Observation Report - 14/04/2010 to 17/04/2010

Here are my observation reports for the days I spent at the Mudgee Star Party.

Overall I was happy with the amount of observing I did (though compared to Les I am a mere mortal hehe).

I did have some issues with scope and battery but nothing that really made the event a disaster. I am getting through a few of those NGC objects


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Hi Simon & All,

Good stuff Simon and great to see you back into observing. Quite a bit you saw mate, only I'm no immortal. My poor old feet and calf muscles are as sore as billio after 4 straight nights with my feet up on the ladder -- I feel very mortal and old to boot!

Don't hold you breath waiting for an observing report, I took notes on 330-odd objects. It'll take a month or two to type them up. I've also now almost completely emptied the constellation of Virgo down to 15th magnitude. Adding last weekend's observations I think my Virgo total will now come to almost 800 objects observed there and I've now only got about fifteen left on that constellation list to knock over. Also saw heaps in Hydra, Sextans, Centaurus, Coma, Serpens & Leo. Great weekend! Glad to hear you had a good time too Simon and that's a very, very cute young daughter you've got mate.


Les D
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Looks like a few very good nights' observing Simon! Well done.
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