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Startrek (Martin)
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USB hub specs

I need a 4 port hub to connect HEQ5 mount , DSLR, guide camera etc. to my PC

I will be running Backyard EOS, EQMOD , Stellarium scope and PHD2

Need advice on what type -
4 port USB 2 hub
4 port Powered USB 2 hub
4 port USB 3 hub
4 port Powered USB3 hub

Thanks in advance
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4 port Powered USB3 hub (powered by power pack, not usb port, unless your powe setup includes providing 5VDC usb socket. USB ports on computers only provide limited voltage to each usb socket and rarely a stable full 5V 1A minimum. Make sure the hub also provides 1A minimum to each socket not just in total to avoid problems. Go for USB3 and connect it to a usb3 socket so as you get usb3 gear (cameras) you can get the best data rates possible.

Also there are usb power hubs out there that ONLY provide good usb power for charging devices and do NOT pass data (I use ones from Orico), so if you have coolers/heaters etc that require no data to control only power to turn on its a better option for those. handy for powering/charging phones and tablets, dont overcrowd your computer usb channels unnesecarily to let them run as best as they can.
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I have one of Mbeat 7-port multi USB3.0 and USB2.0 hubs. Few people here on IIS recommended it and it has not skipped a beat since I got it.

It is powered (3A power supply) and has 4x USB3.0 and 3x USB2.0 ports. I had no issues running EQ6, guide cam, imaging cam, temperature sensor and a custom dew heater controller (monitoring only, not the straps).
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I.C.D (Ian)
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Hi Martrin
You will have no trouble with the Mbeat 7port hub that Luka is talking about been using one for the last 12 months with the almost the same gear as Luka with out a hitch
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Startrek (Martin)
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Thanks Sil, Luka and Ian,

The mbeat looks very versatile plenty of different ports, fast and from your experiences very reliable

Iím going to order one tomorrow from MSY

Strange name for a USB hub ?

Thanks again all

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