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Planetary Astronomy

The very popular French text on planetary astronomy has been translated, up dated and issued in English.

Well worth checking out.
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Saturnine (Jeff)
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Thanks for the link Ken.
Book looks like it may be worth a read, if not very useful for tips and info. Bit pricey though when you convert Euros to AUD.
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I've been looking for something very like this for a while now. My sincere thanks for the heads-up!
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This is a sister book to one we’re translating at the moment - Solar Astronomy.
This was very well received by the French solar observers and contains many amateur images and information not found else http://www.astronomiesolaire.com/index.php

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Christophe posts sporadically on the CN website, and his website is full of interesting and useful information. His latest post on the spectra of Uranus and the north pole is worth looking at.

For beginners it is well worth a look on his website, but the printed version is quite expensive (maybe better for Astro clubs to own a copy for reference purposes).
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bigAl (Alan)
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Thanks for link...impressive work from Christophe
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PhilTas (Phil)
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I received my copy this week (5 weeks from France to Darwin - not bad considering the COVID disruptions to air freight)

Based on the quick skim I have had so far, I think this may be the best book in my Astro book collection.Everything about the book is excellent. Quality of the photos and diagrams is very good, they are sized well and easy to understand.

The translators have also done a good job in the translation to English from the French.

Once I’ve had a chance to peruse more thoroughly, I will post a better review.
Cheers Phil
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Finbar (Barry)
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Thanks for the info. A copy is now on the way.
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