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Old 10-07-2018, 01:00 PM
multiweb's Avatar
multiweb (Marc)
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Thumbs up Mars Impact Crater

That's just awesome resolution.

Zoomable pic here.

A most breath-taking image of MARS
Crater Wall Straddling Two Terrain Units

In this oblique view by the Mars Orbiter this impact crater located in northern Sinus Meridiani has formed along the boundary of two different terrain units. The western part of the crater has formed along a unit consisting of wind-blown basaltic materials that overlie light-toned units exposed in the crater wall.

To the east is a shallow circular depression several kilometers across that consists of multiple layers of light-toned deposits that have been eroding away. These deposits are dark in THEMIS night-time infrared and bright in day-time infrared images, suggesting that they are relatively fine grained and largely devoid of rocky materials.

Dark, fine-grained basaltic wind-blown material partially mantles these units and forms dunes throughout the region. Along the eastern rim region, the impact crater is eroding back into the terrain, forming scalloped inlets in the crater rim and re-exposing the multiple layers of light-toned deposits. Terracing is common along the eastern slope of the crater.

The erosion of the top units appear to be more even and at a faster rate than the underlying deposits. Dark wind-blown basaltic dunes line the floor of the crater. Some possible explanations for the origin of these light-toned deposits are that they are altered volcanic ash or ancient lake deposits.

Here is the Zoomable link for a better view:

Credit: All original data were retrieved by the Mars Orbiter.
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/ESO
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Old 10-07-2018, 03:56 PM
deanm (Dean)
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How utterly gorgeous - thanks for sharing!
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Old 10-07-2018, 04:06 PM
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Stonius (Markus)
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It almost looks like water in the bottom there

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Old 10-07-2018, 05:14 PM
Nikolas's Avatar
Nikolas (Nik)
Dazed and confused

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I'm amazed at the clarity but I'd swear that's water in the bottom as well
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Old 10-07-2018, 07:01 PM
ZeroID's Avatar
ZeroID (Brent)
Lost in Space ....

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Wow !! Double Wow !!
Looks more like the black iron sands we get over here on the west coast beaches. But does have a water like appearance for sure.
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Old 10-07-2018, 10:34 PM
Wussell (Russell)
Registered User

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Location: Perth
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It certainly does looks like water in the bottom. What are NASA not telling us
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Old 11-07-2018, 07:58 AM
multiweb's Avatar
multiweb (Marc)
ze frogginator

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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hinchinbrook
Posts: 16,594
The shadows from the cliffs really gives it depth but in all those shots it's hard to get a sense of scale. No recognisable features or trees. Could be a couple 100m or a couple of km high.
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Old 12-07-2018, 08:17 PM
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multiweb (Marc)
ze frogginator

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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hinchinbrook
Posts: 16,594
Found the page with all the pics of the area here with all the capture details.
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