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Power leads for zwo asi air

I currently looking a buying a zwo air on a skywatcher esprit ed80 and neq6 mount . And finding it hard trying to work out how many power cables I need . I will be running a 290 mini with a 30f4 for guiding and a 294 pro mc for main camera . Do I only need 1 lead from battery power tank to zwo asi air then just run leads from zwo air box to cameras or do i need to run a lead from battery power tank to 294 pro for cooling hope that all makes sense
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asiair does not distribute power it needs power. It will take the usb leads from the cameras in order to capture images.

You need separate power cord from a power supply for the camera cooler and the mount and the asiair
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The Asiair needs a 5V supply (USB) so you would need a seperate supply to that.

In my case instead of an Asiair I am using an Intel nuc which is on my mount and that will run off a 12V supply.

I have a single 12V power supply to run the whole show so I have amalgamated a lot of cables. I have a 12V cable running from my power supply box to the NUC (As this is mounted separately to everything else) and then a single 12V supply cable that goes on to the mount, which branches off to power the mount, with a power cable then continuing up to the scope, branching to provide 12V feeds to the dew heater controller, focus motor and finally the ASI294 camera (I use one of them too)

I have a single USB3 cable running down from the ASI294 to the NUC, with the USB hub on the 294 being used to connect the focus motor and the guide camera which keeps the cable bundle from the dec head to the RA head small and easy to manage. I also have an EQdirect cable running from the mount to the NUC. With the cables set up as I have them the scope can point anywhere the mount is capable of without risk of cable snags.

People do run individual power cables for every item but in my case it all runs off a single power supply so it makes no difference, IMO if one item fails for any reason your imaging run is toast anyway even if you have individual supplies for everything.
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