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SBIG - sloppy USB

The USB port on my SBIG STF8300 has really become sloppy, so much so to the point that if I slew, half the time it will disconnect from the laptop and then reconnect.

Currently I wedge blue-tak around the USB-B male head (that sounds disgusting!) to stop it wiggling.

Is there a way to tighten up what would seem to be a worn socket? I have tried various USB-B cables to see if I can find a tighter/thicker one, and none make a zot of difference. This is the SECOND STF I have had that does this, and it is bloody annoying.
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I have a similiar problem with my ASI camera, my solution is too use a piece of duct taoe to secure the USB3 cable to the rear housing. I changed cables but its the socket. Its out of warranty. I have considered sending it back to ZWO for service and a new USB3 socket.
You could ask the manufacturer if they would replace the socket, probably would at your cost.
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