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Full frame fish eye corrections

I recently purchased a Samyang 7.5mm full-frame fishe eye lens for my Olympus OMD EM5 and found it to be an excellent lens for a number of reasons but primarily I wanted it for land and city scapes. Sometimes you cn get away with a little distortion but generally it becomes a little bit too much especially with the 180 degree view of the lens.
I had a look at all of the de-fish eye programs and really wasnt too impressed but then I looked at the process of transform>warp and puppet warp in PS5 and found them to be excellent and give fine control over removing distortion from an image. Sorry if this has been mentioned here previously but I show a before and after of BrisVegas from the Story Bridge. Dont look at resolution here as the jpegs suffer greatly from the 640x480 transition but I think its a usefull tool for distortion correction.
Hope its of some use to others. If anyone can suggest other procedures Ill be very interested.
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Hi Allan
Do you run Adobe Lightroom?
It can be a pain in the butt program to get your head around, however if you have it you can visit labs.adobe.com and look for "download profile creator" or "lens profile download utility".

You can also google the above. both allow you to search for lens profiles or create your own. I have a Samyang 24mm. Bloody good lens, I'm in the process of doing the same as you.

Hope it helps anyway

Carl Rainer
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Lightroom does rectilinear corrections which will look weird on a cylindrical fisheye photo

Have you tried fisheye hemi?

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Originally Posted by killswitch View Post
Lightroom does rectilinear corrections which will look weird on a cylindrical fisheye photo

Have you tried fisheye hemi?

It seems to require Photoshop 7.0 or above. That eliminates me I'm afraid.
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I use to use this program with my Nikon fisheye, not sure if it will work with the Samyang:
Peter, it will also work with PaintShop Pro if you don't have photoshop: http://download.cnet.com/Corel-Paint...-10001995.html
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