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Cleaning 350D Modded Sensor?

Hi Guys,
I recently picked up a modded 350D (Baader UV/IR filter). I've noticed that there are some spots and 'dust bunny's' on the sensor. If I was to get the sensor cleaned by a professional camera shop is there any special precautions I need to tell them to take due to the Baader filter?

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I just clean mine myself.

Just get a good cleaning pen ($25) and a can of compressed gas ($15 from dick smith) or a blower brush.

Lock the mirror up, give it a gentle blow and use the pen tip to clean it. The best pens are the ones with a soft foamy triangular tip on one end and a brush the other.

The ones with a round tip ain't no good as they can't get into the corners.

Just be gentle and take your time.

Then give it another genle blow.

And another good idea is to wear a mask - you will be amazed at how much you dribble and snort out.
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Two words. Arctic Butterfly!! Works an absolute treat, no chance of getting can air propellant on your chip, no chance of pressing too hard and easy as to use.

Plus you can use is on all your other CCDs

The safest way though it to just take flat fields to remove them from your images, it's the safest way and you don't have to touch your chip surface
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I find the best way to keep that sensor clean is to prevent dust from getting there in the first place, and it can be done.

If some happens to get in, air blow only with Giotto Blower, and do it often, be super fast changing lenses etc, and never, never, leave the camera with the dust cap off.

There just isn't any dust in my optical equipment, I do a quick sensor clean each time the camera is used, I know this may be over kill, but that is me, I hate dust..

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