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Astronomiks Clip filter loose in 500d

Following on from before. My Clip filter slots in to place in the canon 500d and sits perfectly flush, however it is loose and falls out when i hold the camera upright or tilt it forward.
I suppose i could just put a tiny peice of tape to hold it in.
Would this cause a problem?
Does anyone else out there have a Canon 500d? i would like to here what if any problems they have had with fitting the Astronomiks clip filter in to the camera.
I can't be doing anything wrong, i have followed the diagrams on the Astronomiks site and frankly there isnt any where else for it to sit.

Help required
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The Astronomik site says that the EOS clip filter is compatible with your camera (500D) and if it's the same as mine (40D) it should slot into the space above the sensor as shown on their site - mine slots in and stays there - no problem. If you're doing the same things as specified on their site and the filter is still loose then not too sure what to advise! But, if you can get the filter to stay in place using tape, without compromising its performance in any way - go for it. Life is compromise in many ways after all!
Doesn't sound too much of a drama hopefully
Best of luck...
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