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scotch and saturn

Last Friday a astronomer friend,came up from Brisbane,but astronomy
was not the 'main menu' item,we wanted to put the finishing touches
on 8 tasmainian oak astronomy chairs over the weekend.

The weather forcast wasnt good,so it was a lovely suprise to come out
after tea and find clear skies,i quickly rolled the roof of my observatory,
within minutes i had the EQ 6 aligning on antares and arcturus.

We viewed eta carina and NGC 3532,the scope was a 4 inch ED vixen
with 13mm naglar eye piece.not a huge scope but,the viewing was clear,
and sharpe,i like the contrasty images,and 3D effect that good refractors give.eta carina,well what can words do discribe this object
not much,its breath taking,those poor people that live in the northern
hemisphere ha ha!!,NGC 3532 what do you see when you view this object?,i see a witches hat or an ice cream cone,i love that little
'S' shape,-the profile of witches face-side on.or may be that cone is
'Mr Sqiggles' space ship.it doesnt matter what you think it looks like,its
just afine object to view,and use your imagination.

Finally we viewed Saturn,its starting to get low in the west,so dont miss
out.My friend had bought up a Vixen NLV 2.5 eye piece,this gave a
320 times magnification,i really didnt think we would get a good view,but
was pleased with this high power view,we could see detail on both
hemispheres,very sharpe images.After that we enjoyed simple naked
eye viewing of the gorgeous milky way whilst having a scotch and dry.
Well the weather forcast wasnt good,and they tasted better under clear skies.the EQ 6 tracked very well,the 2.5 doesnt give a wide field and
after half an hour it was good to see saturn still in field of view.

Its a great place to be in winter under the Australian skies,in the country
my visitor said it could be 50 years ago or 1000 years ago,timeless
and to look up and see that and feel that is priceless.

cheers Chris
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