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Gerald Sargent
Gerald S

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Computerised focussing

I use robofocus, has any one tried any of the various automatic
focus software and if so with what success ? Gerald
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Hagar (Doug)
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Hi Gerald. I have a Robofocus motor fitted to all my telescopes and find that FocusMax works very well but to use it you must have Maxim installed. I have also used the auto fucus routine in Maxim under the observatory button and find it also works quite well. I have not explored all the features of the unit with regard to temp compensation etc but the auto focus routines seem to work very well.
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bert (Brett)
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I use focusmax as well. It works very well, its free and it works with most observatory automation software.
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Bassnut (Fred)
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Focusmax rains supreme IMO, nothing else touches it.
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rogerg (Roger)
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RoboFocus + FocusMax for me.

I don't have/use Maxim, which just means I can't use automatic star acquisition. But that doesn't stop me using it otherwise - it's fully integrated in to my nightly scripts.

I tried CCDSoft's @Focus2 at the start, but found it a pain in comparison to FocusMax which "just works".

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