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QHY colour filter wheel fault

My one year old QHY CFW2-S filter wheel developed a serious fault, it would not select position 2 or 3. Other positions selected fine, but its only a 5 position wheel so it significantly restricts what i could do. Initially i thought it might be a SGP definition problem, but that checked out fine. I contacted Cyclops Optics from whom i bought it, and Robin tried to sort it out with QHY. I was asked to download the Audrino loader, upgrade the firmware, and try using a new serial port utility. The combination of the serial port utility and the QHY No Camera ASCII codes finally got it moving. I was able to tell it to move to the correct positions: Pos 1 is ASCII 0, Pos 2 is ASCII 1, Pos 3 is ASCII 2, etc. When i took it back to SGP it worked ok again. I upgraded SGP version and the Filter Wheel ASCOM driver and went through it all again, looks ok now.

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