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DSLR Astrophotography

Photographed the moon for the first time tonight with my little digi cam and i'm hooked on astrophotography.
My question is how much can i achieve with a DSLR and my 8" dob? I'm aware that the lack of motorised tracking will prevent long exposures. How long will i be able to take exposures and is it possible to stack many short exposures to the same effect?
Any advice on getting into astrophotography is welcome!
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Hi Joel

Start with this article:
Astrophotography with a Dob.

It's about 4 years old now, but it's still relevant. You can do very basic astrophotography with a dob, and your DLSR, but most of it will be of bright objects like the moon and maybe a bright planet - and it will likely all be afocal (pointing into the eyepiece).

A webcam might be an option for you, but is also more challenging.

Eventually you might like to get an EQ6 and mount your 8" tube on that. Then a whole new world opens up
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Hi Joel, Yes this is a very good article, indeed. Also check out Sean's efforts here - all with a "point and shoot" camera - not a DSLR.

My only advice is: don't jump in too quickly. It is an expensive path to take. Start with the basics and try some afocal photography with yopur DSLR. Get the "feel" for the telescope and understand the relationship between the scope and the camera.

You can buy an adapter to attach the camera body (minus the lens) onto the telescope focuser, called a "T Adapter". Again, see Mike's article under Prime Focus Imaging Techniques.

You may find you do not have enough travel in the focuser to acheive focus. If this is a problem, then, depending on what brand of Dobsonian you have , there are a couple of options to modify your scope. These are discussed at length an many forums on the internet, including here at IIS. The easiest of the modifications is replacing the focuser with a "low-profile focuser". Having said all that, don't strees about all that yet. Just start trying some Afocal shots, then pick youself up the T Adapter and go from there.

There is plenty of help in this forum if you get stuck.

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Thanks guys, i'll get stuck into the reading!
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astrophotography, dslr

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