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Did anyone check out the Orionids last weekend (21/10 & 22/10)? I was camping in the Flinders Ranges in SA. Sunday morning started watching at 3:00am and stayed up till 5:30am and saw three meteors. Monday morning I started viewing about 4:45am...stayed up till 5:30am and saw one. Sky was quite dark as the moon had set by peak time, but overall very disappointing.

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Yeah, meteor showers are like that, Niel, the peak-run may only last 1 to a few hrs & that can happen at any time during the 24hr period of the forecast, 1 rotation of earth basically, so australia will have approx 10-20% chance of being in the firing window !
Most likely had there peak in the other hrs or a bit before or after, Im not sure !

That said, when a shower happens near 'new moon' near triples the amount ones eyes can be open during the night ! And if your out of light-pollution, you may/could see many more, be it quite faint one's tho are a nice sight when nicely wide-open dark-eye adapted.

bring on the next shower.
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