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Ok quick update, got it all together last night and gave it a quick bench test. Initially disappointed that it struggled to get much colder than 5c, but I realised the heatsink was getting pretty bloody hot. The fan I started with was quite weak, a little 80mm no name pc case fan that really didn't move much air.

Rustled up a couple year old Intel CPU fan and it's moving a lot more air and the heatsink isn't anywhere near as hot. It got down to 5c again fairly quickly then within about 15 minutes it hit 0c, and very slowly continued to drop from there. I had to pull the pin and go to bed but after about 25-30 minutes it was on -1.8c.

I'm not sure if that's good or not, considering the camera was off. It's probably not going to break any cooling records, but it might well be the coldest d7000 ever described on the internet

I could still improve a few things such as the insulation between the cold and hot side. Also, the heatsink I'm using is far from ideal as it has very thick fins, just something I had laying around. It definitely performs better upside down being that the cold finger comes out the bottom of the camera. Hot up, cold down.

I'll see what more I can squeeze out of it in the coming days, -5c while imaging with the screen off would be nice but we'll just have to see how much low hanging fruit there is with my setup.

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