IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2015 Winners!
Submitted: Tuesday, 15th July 2014 by Mike Salway

After running the IceInSpace Calendar Competition 2015 during June and July 2014, over 220 images were submitted and after over 1000 votes by the extended IceInSpace Community, the winning images have now been chosen by you! 

The following images make up your IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2015!

Winner and Cover Image

Horsehead by Marco

Marco receives $250 cash and 2 free calendars.



Category Winners

Each category winner will be displayed as a month in the calendar, and will all receive the choice of $100 cash and 2 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars, or 10 IceInSpace Astronomy Calendars.


Trial Bay Aurora curtains and beams by Graham Sanders, with 34.92% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Satellite Station Under the Stars 
by James Garlick (29.69%)
Fire in the Sky 
by pluto (14.01%)
Aurora Australis over the Chapel 
by pluto (12.04%)
Star Party Aurora 
by Big Dave (9.34%)




Andromeda Galaxy by bodiattila, with 29.69% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Meat Hook
by Paul Haese (21.57%)

by Shiraz (18.21%)
NGC 5101
by Shiraz (15.41%)
NGC 1365
by Greg Bradley (15.13%)



Milky Way

Rise of the Core by AstroJason, with 37.72% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Crows Nest Milky Way 
by Stephen M (25.40%)
Zenith of the Northern Summer Sky 
by Leonardo (25.12%)
Centre of the Milky Way 
by Phil Hart (8.31%)
Surrounding the Lagoon 
by Andrew Murrell (3.45%)



Moon and Planets

Faces of Mars by John Hothersall, with 31.00% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Saturn Occulted by Moon 
by Roger Groom (22.97%)
Rising First Quarter 
by von Tom (22.22%)
by von Tom (15.78%)
Luna Earth Shine
by jjjnettie (8.03%)



Nebula Group 1

Liberty by niharika, with 40.80% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Sharpless 2-308 
by Marco (22.78%)
Orion Nebula 
by Paul Haese (20.17%)
VdB142 in Cepheus
by Leonardo (11.95%)
M78 Region
by Marco (4.30%)



Nebula Group 2

Horsehead by Marco, with 50.14% of the vote.

Runners Up:

by Disco Duck (15.31%)
by Sky Viking (13.82%)
The Wolf 
by Paul Haese (11.11%)
Heart and Soul Nebula 
by Leonardo Orazi (9.62%)



Nightscape Milky Way

Dune, South Australia by John White Photos, with 43.42% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Venus in the Centre 
by James G (20.17%)
Dingo Cave 
by Stardust Steve (14.01%)
Galaxy Framing 
by Alpha Plus (20.05%)
Murphy's Haystack 
by John White Photos (9.99%)



Nightscape Featuring Moon

Crescent over a Foggy City by StephenM, with 30.44% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Contact with the Moon 
by Stefano De Rosa (26.61%)
Superfull Moon with Silhouettes 
by Roger Groom (21.48%)
The Great Beautyu 
by Leonardo (10.92%)
Colours of the Moon 
by Stefano de Rosa (10.55%)



Nightscape - Moonlit

Field of Dreams by CapturingTheNight, with 28.76% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Valley Fantasy 
by D Wong (26.33%)
Ploughing the Grand Canyon 
by Asterix2020 (23.72%)
Halo over Sugarloaf 
by Stardust (15.87%)
Orion the Hunter
by ourkind (5.32%)



Nightscape - Widefield

Cosmic Balance by Erax7, with 29.97% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Arabesque Tree 
by ourkind (24.65%)
by Erax7 (20.73%)
Milky Way and Clouds 
by Greg Bradley (15.41%)
Night Sky over Little Langothlin Lake 
by Phil Hart (9.24%)



Nightscape - People and Sky

Guide Us the Way by djmagro, with 32.12% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Milky Way - Eyre Peninsula 
by John White Photos (23.25%)
Harvest Moon Rising 
by Pluto (18.30%)
Campfire Moon 
by Adelastro (14.47%)
Steel Wool on Goats Bluff 
by James Garlick (11.86%)



Star Trails

Lake Eppalock by Phil Hart, with 30.81% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Desert Mystery 
by D Wong (23.16%)
Banjo - Australovenator 
by Grant Earth (19.05%)
Lonely Tree 
by Asim Patel (13.73%)
Circles in the Sky 
by Alpha Plus (13.26%)




Solar Sun by Solar, with 35.20% of the vote.

Runners Up:

Setting Partial Eclipse 
by Astroman (22.32%)
by Paul Haese (17.55%)
Sunset Partial Solar Eclipse 
by Stephen Mudge (15.78%)
Eclipse Sunset over Lake Bolac 
by Phil Hart (9.15%)



Congrats to all winners and thanks to the IceInSpace Community for your part in making this competition a success.

The next thing you all have to do, is buy plenty of calendars - for sale soon at the IceInSpace Shop!

The IceInSpace Astronomy Calendar 2015 will be available for sale in early August from the IceInSpace Shop.

Many thanks to David at Astrovisuals for teaming up with me and helping me to make this idea become a reality!

We'll run this competition again for the 2016 calendar, so keep your eye out around April/May 2015 for announcements of how and where to submit your images. 


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